Qiqihar section of the Nen River and Qinjia Section of the Hulan River have opened in Heilongjiang Province

2022-05-21 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Harbin, April 7 (reporter Hou Ming)The reporter learned from heilongjiang Hydrology and Water Resources Center that the Nenjiang River Qiqihar section (Xinjiang Street, Jianhua District, Qiqihar City) opened at 8 o ‘clock on April 7, one day earlier than in previous years.At 5 o ‘clock on April 7, Qinjia section of Hulan River (Xianfeng Village, Dongfu Township, North forest district, Suihua City) opened the river, opening the river date 1 day earlier than the calendar year.It is reported that at 13:00 on April 5, the Nenjiang Fularji Section (Xinglong Street, Fularji District, Qiqihar City) opened the river, 8 days earlier than the previous year;At 8 o ‘clock on April 6, the nenjiang tributary Nuomin River Gucheng sub-station (Qiqihar City Gannan County Qihayang Township Lighthouse village) opened the river, opened the river date 3 days earlier than the calendar year.At present, among the four major rivers in Heilongjiang Province, the section below the Nenjiang Nierji Reservoir and the Zhaoyuan section of the Songhua River have been opened. The opening date of the bridge section of the Nenjiang River is one day later than in previous years, and the opening date of the other sections is one to nine days earlier than in previous years.Suifenhe, Muling River, Lalin River, Ant River, Yalu River, Nuomin River, Tongken River, Qinjia section of Hulan River and Mudan River in the Yangtze River tun section have been opened. The opening date of most rivers is 1 to 9 days earlier than in previous years, among which mudan River in the Yangtze River Tun section is 14 days earlier.Other rivers are still frozen or thawed.Source: Xinhua