Winter Olympics Express | “fly to the ground” pick copper, Yan Wen Port for China to create history

2022-05-21 0 By

The men’s skeleton bobsled of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has won the final place in the “Snow Swimming Dragon” on The evening of February 11, Beijing time.World champion Johanna Grottherl of Germany won the gold medal in 4:01.01, while Johan Junker of Germany took silver in 4:01.67.China’s Yan Wengang skated the maximum speed of 129.7km/h in the fourth round to overtake the Russian Olympic Committee and move into third place in 4:01.77, securing a precious bronze medal for China and a historic breakthrough for the country in this event.Yin Zheng, another Chinese, was fifth in 4:02.13.In tonight’s final, Germany’s Grottherr skidded steadily after the first three rounds to finish first in 3:049.In the final run, he skied 4:01.01 to secure the title.Grottherl’s teammate Johan Junker, also of Germany, took silver.Yan wengang was in fourth place after the first two rounds yesterday.In tonight’s competition, Yan Wengang launched a final attack on the medal.After the third run, he was fourth in 3:01.62, but he settled down and played perfectly in the final run to finish third in 4:01.77, earning a precious bronze medal for the Chinese delegation.With such a result, Yan and his teammate Yin Zheng have created a historic breakthrough for Chinese athletes in this event.It was also the first bronze medal won by Chinese delegation at these Winter Olympics.The Chinese delegation now has seven MEDALS in total.In the overall medal table, Germany continued to dominate the medal table thanks to Grottherr’s gold medal in the steel bobsled.On the evening of February 12th, Zhao Dan and Li Yuxi of China’s women’s skeleton bobsleigh will make a final bid for MEDALS. Wish them good results!Source: Thoughtful Shanghai