Hu Xinger a family of five dressed very happy to take a family photo sons hand in hand to show brotherly love

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Hu xinger and her husband Li Chengde now have three sons. Despite their busy work schedule, they often go out to enjoy the fun with their three sons.This year, the couple and their three sons dressed happily for a warm family photo.This was followed by a series of pictures of the two boys holding hands in a show of brotherly affection.Hu Xinger works family two not by accident, this relies on husband Li Chengde to take care of a son in the home completely, nevertheless Hu Xinger also has to take care of a son likewise, she is taking younger son to work inland.And in the Spring Festival, of course, has been back home together, Hu Xinger also posted a warm family photo of five.They were all dressed in festive red Tang suits. As for the trousers, the three boys were all wearing jeans, while the couple both wore black trousers.In addition to the family photo, there are many photos of the two sons.In the photo, the brothers hold hands and look like pie prints.And the brothers also looked at each other and smiled happily, their expressions are very funny, I believe that usually at home, the brothers are also having a good time.Between Li Chengde also took his wife Hu Xinger, three sons together to the wai village for the traditional New Year activities, pasting Spring Festival couplets in their hometown, and a variety of traditional ancestor worship customs.He introduced his sons to the culture in the hope that they would maintain the traditions.As for Hu Xinger is also dressed more simple to follow her husband to worship, their family is very traditional.Li chengde also wrote long articles about the customs of his hometown, which he wanted to pass on despite his poor Chinese.