Oil selection change guide

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When should I change the oil?It is often said that the oil in your car should be changed regularly.But how often does it count as regular?It’s clearly written in the manual of almost every car.In the past, the standard was 5,000 kilometers, but in recent years, automakers have been developing new engines in hopes of improving their configuration and extending the time required for regular maintenance and oil changes.So, many new cars in general driving conditions, if you use synthetic oil, basically every 10,000 kilometers to change the oil, some can even drag 20,000 kilometers.Car repair professionals define “average driving” as driving frequently on the highway, with few stops and starts.However, if you often drive in the city, there are traffic lights everywhere, traffic jams, and most of the distance of each trip is not more than ten kilometers, this kind of driving is “wasteful driving”.In the “wear and tear driving” situation, the engine wear is higher, the oil requirements are also higher.Therefore, it is recommended to shorten the interval of oil change in order to effectively protect the engine.The necessity of timely replacement of oil Oil after a period of use will become dirty, viscosity and heat resistance will become poor, a certain degree of failure to protect the engine.If there is no regular change of oil, oil consumption increases, the car starts without power, power reduction is more obvious, and the engine starts louder.There is also a part of the car in the short term is not to see what the difference, in the long term this part of the car engine system friction coefficient will increase, oil will deteriorate black, thin, a serious point may lead to blue smoke exhaust emissions, the engine can not work normally.Therefore, the oil must be changed regularly.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)