24 hours operation!Can cover about 100,000 people!

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On the evening of March 28, the first PCR laboratory in Baohe district was put into operation at hefei South High-speed Railway Station.It is reported that the laboratory will operate 24 hours after it is put into operation, and can test 5,000 tubes of nucleic acid per day, covering about 100,000 people, which will further improve the speed of nucleic acid testing and epidemic emergency response capacity.Bring mobile application PCR laboratory, the laboratory is located in hefei high-speed rail station between north exit and passenger station inlet, look from the appearance like a large container, in strict accordance with the secondary level biosafety laboratories in design, set up independent reagent preparation, sample preparation, amplification) of the analysis and disinfection rooms in four areas,Each area has strict protection, isolation and elimination, process specification and other requirements.The prevention and control of the epidemic is a race against time. Nucleic acid testing of key populations is a race against time.According to the relevant person in charge of the Baohe District CDC, the MOBILE PCR laboratory is equivalent to a mobile nucleic acid testing laboratory, which can be moved as a whole when necessary, and nucleic acid testing can be carried out in key places and groups nearby.As a comprehensive transportation hub, Hefei South High-speed Railway Station is an important gateway for epidemic prevention and control in Hefei. Currently, free nucleic acid testing sites have been set up at two exits of the south Railway Station, with about 200 staff on duty every day.Carry out code check, temperature measurement, sampling and testing, order maintenance, environmental elimination and other work on a regular basis.It is reported that the transfer of nucleic acid test samples in the South Station was concentrated every two hours, and with the transportation time, nucleic acid test usually takes three hours from collection to arrival at the testing laboratory.After the mobile PCR laboratory is put into operation, it will be able to collect and measure samples on the spot, which will greatly reduce the transfer time of test samples and improve the ability of early detection and early disposal of epidemic prevention and control.Information source: Baohe District Rong Media Center Responsible editor: Zhou Yue Hefei Makeshift hospital to ensure the end of the month to complete standby!Yu Aihua presided over a video conference on epidemic prevention work in Hefei, the chamber of Commerce said the race against time!Hefei science and technology force “epidemic” line shows up to take on the battle, is “iron wall”!