Do not see the moon neighbor, back mountain should be amorous, not xu Yunying dyed vulgar dust

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art frost for company, not see the moon as neighbors, back mountain should be affectionate kind, not xu Yunying dyed vulgar dust.After the disappointment of the mountain, cloud deep not fixed – term, see the old man and who knows.A fisherman, flowers in full bloom after the rain, spring is infinitely good, taoyuan no trace of the past.And see the autumn wind sweep yellow leaves, leaning on the railing alone look at the geese into the line, maple day high back cool.Alone crane difficult to fly not see green smoke, after the mountain more qingfeng only.Still in the ear, has become a dream, not high-rise look at home.Fog disperses the day to clear up, the mountain flower is particularly bright, alone on the tall building sees the rainbow is born.Do not see into today, alone MY acacia mountains and rivers should be better, piece of cloud fly place is home.Think of things before alone, do not see that year swallow fly, after the rain mountain cloud tree green faintly.After the rain mountain grass color new, the wind light cloud light bird sound frequency, flowers do not see bee butterfly dance, unique qingxi comfortable Yin.Cloud companion, the back mountain is not contrary to the world, the path no one sweep, and see the west wind fall leaves fly.See said longmen manren pass, alone with quinoa cane out of the world, back mountain road north and south, flowing water without clouds from the past.Tall buildings look far sky, looked up not to see the moon round, back mountain maple leaves in the clouds.After the rain, mountain flowers and fog scattered by the two, not see the setting sun sigh late sunset.Cloud light day west sink, after the rain mountain qingxi weeping willows, looked up and saw the birds back to the forest.Do not see the Chu river, high-rise sky, after the rain mountain cloud tree green lingering.A single show to the evening, not see the old master, after the rain, flowers and grass dance bin yun.Full autumn pool, wild goose out of date, and see the West wind liquor send acacia.A bright moon through the cloud mirror, breeze after the mountain, alone on the high buildings do not see jade round.Two vacant, festive tears shanshan, chan empty tears, thousands of lights sit sleepless.Sit for a long time I do not know empty tears, alone to the world is cold.Tears wet spring unlined upper garment does not hold, grass green uneven, to the next human heartbreak.Bleak cloud shan, the world two not, sit to see the Milky Way into tears gorgeous.Things have not, alone touch clothes, poor drop of empty mountain sit fishing rocky.Sit for a long time the west wind blowing wine wake up, think you do not see tears such as pouring, to the world alone in this Ming.Tears freely, wind and rain to dawn, a few back to the dream trickling down, do not believe that the world has this sound.Came tears shan, the world sky two vacant, face screen to sit starry tears do not do.Human path is vicissitudes of life, tears tears communication shanshan two lines, a elegy through the ages, sit nine ileal.Peach blossom, spring breeze tears shanshan night rain, wash the world wanai.Fall stream, sit to see the spring breeze blowing willow embankment, shanshan years to do, where the world is home.Recalling then, the sky and the world two do not know, sit infinite hate to castle peak, tears fly into thousands of silk.It is the world in February, qingming ancestor worship rain shanshan silk, paper money into spring green willow branches.View night weiyang, think you have hate shan rain, sprinkled on the world wanli frost.Tears fly, sit to see the yuntian yan word back, also Hugh shanshan DDT, where the world is not sad.Tears shan, the sky two vacant, cloak sitting before the window, when the moon as tears dry.Don’t say everything is empty, DDT also calm, qingshan not old river flow day and night east.Sitting on the sky cover tears crystal clear, one thousand years of a dream is love.After years of tears wet clothes, clouds from the rain, trickling down hearts of the world two not to return.Rain flying red tears, white hair wind to sit green moss, to language also Hugh sky two guess.Shan blood, is the vicissitudes of life, sit to see the cloud blue sweater hate night long.Grass fans, shanshan to drop, tears as the grave season to sit cold clothes.Nearly how, waste regrets, bumpy life will not regret, the world of mortals toss and turn to kill.Toss and turn a few spring, bumpy world another round, years wasted wind and rain nearly dusk.Rough road of life is rough, difficult to turn into a dream, wasted years swaying to the five.Time wasted with emotion, ten years of wind and rain to kill, the world of mortals bumpy bumpy.The road is difficult, waste time sigh fleeting, frustrations more hone, and if the world of mortals.Floating and geometry, rough years on earth, half a lifetime wasted dreams, a shoulder of wind and rain to kill.Rough life and years, wasted vicissitudes of life dyed temples spot.Wasted another year, several trials and hardships, rough life bitter sweet.Floating years, bitter short mo waste, after the ups and downs of the world of mortals chi not grinding.And how, life all the way song, years wasted into the past, a few wind and rain to kill.Rough road of life long, toss and turn what just as well, waste vicissitudes of life dyed temples frost.Temples have spot, a few wind and rain and years, many hardships, rough life bitter sweet.The wind and rain and cheng Zhi do not move, wasting years a few people know, after all the frustrations of the world of mortals bitter poetry.Rivers and lakes life comfortable body, time wasted wind and rain as the ups and downs.A few affectionate, rough road, difficult to turn the world of mortals bumpy dream.Swaying another year, years how much more difficult, life is rough if idle.Toss and turn not sleep, rough life wasted many things, a few wind and rain to the window.Rough road long, sleepless night, the years wasted vicissitudes of life.Years wasted sigh helpless, ten years of wind and rain to kill, the world and less friends, the road is bumpy.Eventful, time wasted an old man, how many things in life, the world of mortals difficult road.Passing and turning the world of mortals dream vaguely, how much more sad life, waste time hair, wind and rain vicissitudes dyed hair.Rough road difficult line, and the world of mortals dream, time wasted wind and rain and qingming.Half life and what, life bumpy tears two lines.Not broken day will dawn, dog bark sangeng Chai fei people not see, rare star number who fall.The shadow of the west hill is sparse, and the gate of the house is closed.The setting sun was half closed, the shadows of the trees sparingly reflected the sunset glow, and there were two or three houses in the yard amid the barking of dogs.Two or three, four or five watches, the moon falls and the stars are thin and half hidden until dawn.The sound of a rooster startled my dream home, the sun shadow slanted over the village, and several flowers fell on the hedgerow half closed.Thin letters, tears in chai Fei clothes, a dog barking in the middle of the night to wake up, the rooster crow in the morning looking forward to your return.East wind rain jiangnan vegetation sparse, barking sound a small smoke xiao.Dogs bark frightened birds in front of the door, cocks crow call dawn, sunset star rare half mask scented tea.Maodian from cooking smoke, mountain village sleepless night, half open chai Fei moon lang sunny day.The moon is like a hook, leaning on the floor alone, the dogs bark in the wake of tears.Leaning on chai Fei looking far, the stars are thin, the moon is long and the night wind is soft, and suddenly I hear the barking of dogs and the crowing of chickens.The sun is already inclined, the dog jumps to make the farmer, the person sparse tree dense mountain village is quiet, the apricot flower sees the leaf of firewood half cover.Maodian such as hook, dog bark mountain village night, half cover chai fei count off the shoulder.Sunset in the western hills sparse, cooking smoke from the place to cover chai fei, suddenly heard the dog barking startled birds, know that the chicken next door did not return.The sound of another spring, chickens flying dogs jumping on the moon lang feng clear night, half open Chai Fei no one.The night was getting dark amid the barking of dogs, and no one in Chai Fei was out of sight.The high mountain road is far away from the people, the path deep cover chai Fei, suddenly heard the barking of dogs frightened birds, the sound of chickens cottages where to return.Chaifei half-veiled sound of silence, wild path deep shadowy guest sparse, dog bark five drum call morning light.A dog barks and flies away, and a rooster crows and stars dawn and dawn, and leaves its gate ajar for you.Five days, dog bark village head people awake, Chai Fei to welcome distant visitors, star sparse moon Lang words bumper harvest.Sparse, from the place to cover chai fei, suddenly smell the dog bark startled birds, know that the chicken next door did not return.The dog bark in another autumn, such as hook, wake up on the moon, star sparse cloud light chai fei alone sorrow.The cock crows broken village head people do not know, wind buckle Chai Fei yue fell just at that time.Shake the red night air, listen to the rain until dawn, a incense wick pillow dream.Dimly to the bedside, red stove cooking wine words that year, the window containing Xiling Dongpo Wan Guxian.Alchemical furnace, looking for jade pot, the moon half window solitary shadow meaning such as.– Zheng Huixian Chinese Art