Huiji District Emergency Management Bureau has actively carried out emergency drills for flood control

2022-05-23 0 By

On the afternoon of March 31, the district emergency management Bureau and the district fire brigade organized a flood control emergency rescue drill in Gangli Reservoir, in order to further improve the cadres and the masses’ quick response capacity and emergency handling capacity.The drill according to the “safety first, flood prevention, comprehensive treatment” policy, as a rapid, effective and orderly within the waters of reservoir reservoir dam, flood danger occurs, start for flood control and drought relief emergency drills, to ensure that the reservoir in floods, storm, in the shortest possible time give full play to the role of the security mechanism, reduce disaster losses to a minimum.More than 7 vehicles of various types of flood prevention and emergency rescue were dispatched and more than 70 people participated in the drill.Through the emergency drill, test the effectiveness of the plan, the standardization of the process and equipment of practicability, popularizing the knowledge of emergency flood season to the masses, improve the masses of actual combat ability and emergency team, relief headquarters decision command ability, the quick reaction capability of the emergency power disaster scene command and control ability, supplies supply support ability,It has accumulated valuable practical experience for flood control and emergency rescue teams, improved the level of emergency handling capacity, and ensured the safe operation of cities in flood season.