“Nine Dragons Cup” all the way flowers

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Home is the harbor, home is the destination, to maintain a good family stability and harmony, is the responsibility of every family member.There is a family of six: the two sons grow up happily and healthily, the parents-in-law help with the housework, and the husband and wife are diligent in their respective jobs.They are the most ordinary family in the world, with their own diligence, simple, tolerance and love deduce the most real happiness, enjoy the most comfortable life.They work hard together, attentively, with affection, with love to create a harmonious family.We have been married for eight years. It has been a beautiful but difficult process from acquaintance to mutual understanding.From the beginning of the glue to the later daily necessities, the middle do not know how many ups and downs experienced.Fortunately, they have not abandoned, cherish and tolerance, so that the relationship can maintain and continue, and gradually on the road to happiness.After eight years of marriage and two children, they did not realize the responsibility of parenthood until their children were born. Although they had parents to help take care of the children, they did everything themselves.When Erbao was born, his wife was in poor health due to postoperative hemorrhage and was particularly prone to fatigue. At that time, as long as her husband was at home, he basically did all the housework, helping Dabao wash before going to bed, dressing Erbao, making milk powder and waiting on Dabao to get up in the morning.The arrival of Erbao not only did not affect their feelings of husband and wife, but let them more understanding and tolerance.In addition to caring for and trusting each other in life, the couple also understand and support each other in work.The nature of their work is very different, he is a doctor, she is a judge, he is good at logical thinking, she is good at language.There seems to be no intersection, in fact, they are using their own professional knowledge, the right medicine, do practical things for the masses.The year 2021 has special meaning for this family.One day in the middle of May, my husband came home from work as usual. What was different was that he told his parents and wife at the dinner table that he would go to the border to help fight the epidemic for two months, leaving at the end of the month.On the morning of May 27, 300 militiamen, including their husbands, set foot on the journey to Xishuangbanna. After two days and one night’s long drive, they finally arrived at their destination.During the two months in the border area, the family members learned through remote video that they were stationed in a remote mountain with a tent and two chairs as a sentry box.There, in addition to facing stowways with the possibility of novel Coronavirus transmission, their enemies are poisonous snakes, poison frogs, poison worms, drug dealers, and the usual reports of prostitution, gambling, drugs, smuggling, narcotics, HIV/AIDS.From camp, it takes six days to cover 23 checkpoints.When COVID-19 first broke out in 2020, her husband, a doctor, decided to sign a petition and join the support team without much thought.As a party member of the wife to support her husband’s career, her husband outside rescue the dying heal the wounded, heart to take care of the whole family.After her husband came back from the border support for two months, he set foot on the road of studying in Chongqing.His wife knew that he, as a doctor, could only keep learning and improving his medical skills so that more sick people could not be troubled by diseases.At this time, the wife after a year of assessment, examination, interview, wish to become a judge, but along with the job changes.Both of them were burdened with the burden of taking care of their two young sons.They understand and support, often say, for the interests of the country, for the people, you just rush to their careers, do not worry about home affairs, we are here.After marriage, the couple always live with their parents-in-law and get along with the elderly. They should understand their preferences, obey their wishes, and show filial piety to the elderly, which is not necessarily reflected in the economy, but also have to be kind to them at ordinary times.During festivals, they will organize family gatherings, cooking, washing, cooking, washing dishes…Family together, happy and harmonious.My in-laws and in-laws get along well with each other. I often hear my wife say, “When my mother comes to my house, I take the child to bed first, and my mother-in-law accompanies my mother to chat until late at night”, “my mother came to my house again today, and two people with my mother-in-law went shopping”…It is said that parents are a mirror of their children.In terms of educating their children, the couple pay special attention to their own behavior and pay attention to their children’s moral education.Since Dabao went to kindergarten, in order to prevent the child from being obsessed with electronic products, they agreed with each other not to look at the mobile phone in front of the child without special circumstances, and to accompany the child wholeheartedly.Both husband and wife are volunteers to build a civilized city in China. They pay special attention to the cultivation of civilized habits of children. When children throw away garbage, they will ask them to pick it up immediately and put it in the right place.In second-child families, they also try their best to deal with the contradictions between the two children, so as not to let Dabao have a sense of loss due to the arrival of his younger brother, and do a good job in the psychological education of the children.At ordinary times, I would also pay attention to improving dabao’s sense of responsibility and let him do some work with a sense of accomplishment within his power, such as washing baby bottles for his brother, helping him find a dress, etc.The younger brother now also knows that there is good food to share with the elder brother.To be harmonious in a family is not only to be good to one’s family, but also to handle the relationship with the neighbors.When a neighbor is in trouble, everyone will help whenever they can.The children are also to educate them to be good-neighborly and friendly, every birthday or delicious, will let the children put things to the neighbor’s children to send a little past, to share his happiness.Some people say that being sincere and warm is the premise of a harmonious neighborhood, mutual understanding is the foundation of a harmonious family, and mutual respect and love is the source of a happy family.A happy, happy and harmonious family needs the joint efforts of every family member. Only when everyone is happy in the family, can our big family in society be happy for a long time.