Police use online social media

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1. It is forbidden to produce or disseminate information or remarks that are contrary to the Party’s theory, line, principles and policies;2. Do not produce or disseminate any negative information that defame the image of the Party, the state and the public security organs;3. It is forbidden to produce and spread vulgar information, untrue information and improper remarks;4. It is forbidden to discuss or disseminate confidential or internal sensitive matters of public security organs;5. No unauthorized release of texts, pictures, audio and video related to police work secrets;Vi. Without the approval of the competent leader of the unit, it is not allowed to open microblog or wechat public account in the identity of the police, and it is not allowed to use public security signs and symbols in personal microblog or wechat profile picture;7. It is forbidden to use the payment, red envelope, transfer and other functions of online social networking tools to conduct power and money transactions in disguise;8. Do not use network social media to conduct improper communication, and do not join wechat groups, forums or other network social groups with obvious undesirable tendencies unless necessary for work;9. It is forbidden to engage in other activities that violate laws and regulations, Party discipline and rules and fine traditions by using online social media.Note: Those in violation of the above provisions will be criticized, educated or organized;In case of violation of discipline, disciplinary sanctions shall be given;If a crime is suspected, it shall be transferred to a judicial organ for handling according to law.Source | guardian representative original title: “police” nine “is not allowed to use social networking media”