Recording with a camera is extraordinary

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This article was transferred from;In more than 400 days, we have recorded in a unique way the winter Olympic Venues from scratch, from old to new, from “blueprint” to one by one amazing, stunning works of excellence.”Technology, wisdom, green, frugality”, in the design and construction of the 12 competition venues and three winter Olympics villages, everywhere embodies China’s solemn commitment to the Winter Olympics.More than 400 days of follow-up photography have left us with many memorable moments, and let us deeply appreciate the romance of China’s ice and snow through the lens.A number of “Chinese plans” for the construction of venues for the Winter Olympics, composed of Chinese design, Chinese technology, Chinese materials and Chinese manufacturing, have become the distinctive “Chinese characteristics” of the Beijing Winter Olympics.In hundreds of meters of the Olympic park in the night sky, we recorded witness “the sail of ice” “ice cube” “bird’s nest” light, colorful double Olympic venues, hand in photograph reflect with traffic, lit up the park frolicking roaming visitors, the Olympic spirit lives in harmony with people already, in the peaceful prosperous around is permeated with vitality.At the Shougang Industrial site, snow flying skyrockets like ribbons from dunhuang frescoes.Shougang Park, lake gallery pavilion, steel blast furnace, flying on the snow, to write a magnificent poem of traditional and modern interweaving, snow and ice and industrial integration.When the camera of uav looks at Haituo Mountain in Yanqing, Beijing, facing the setting sun, the “snow dragon” winding among the mountains comes into sight. We are amazed at the harmonious coexistence of modern architecture and natural ecology, and sigh with emotion at the heroic spirit of Yuanlong on the mountain top, which is the heroic atmosphere flourishing from Chinese blood and Chinese spirit.In hebei zhangjiakou, pure snow “into the” cloud top in the school of ice and snow scenery of blue sky, “snow ruyi” reposes the beautiful snow, and looking eastward across the country to center, winter cross-country skiing center, south overlooking the moral of luck and the modern sports passion together, and to create a Chinese love ice and snow, pure heaven and earth winter Olympics wonderful, special, excellence will roll out gradually.In the panoramic shot of the Winter Olympic Venues, traditional culture is like soul, jade and silver dress is like body, sports passion is like blood, modern Olympics and Chinese culture blend, outline the unique charm of China’s beauty.Let us wait quietly, together to meet the time of their debut.(Economic Daily By Dong Jiapeng and Li Zhuo)