Sun Honglei drove a luxury car with his wife to travel!Get on your bike, sign your name to the security guard, tell people to back up

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Recently, a video was shared on social media, showing Sun honglei and his wife in a parking lot, as if they had just finished dinner with friends.The same day Sun Honglei wearing white high collar inside take, outside a casual coat, looks very low-key.Sun honglei’s wife was wearing a scarf and a gray coat. She was very slim, with long hair hanging down her face.As a high-profile actor, Sun Honglei can’t avoid being recognized.Before going to his car, Sun honglei was stopped by a security guard, hoping to ask for an autograph.Sun Honglei took the pen and paper very patiently, and then leaned over the car to sign, looking very easygoing.As a warm-hearted citizen, Sun Honglei came forward to command with the security guard when he saw others didn’t park their car for a long time. It was really funny to see his waving action.Have to say, the original Sun Honglei private and ordinary show on the fun, easygoing and no difference.After directing others, Sun headed straight for his luxury car.Sun Honglei’s wife sat in the passenger seat waiting for a long time. After Sun Honglei got on the bus, she rolled down the window and helped her husband watch the road. They cooperated well and drove away quickly.It is reported that the same day Sun Honglei opened the luxury car price over three million, the shape of the domineer, the price is not simple, is really very in line with sun Honglei’s personality.Sun Honglei often plays in the film and television drama are indifferent and decisive eldest brother image, always let a person think that he is also very high cold, but as he participated in a number of variety shows, and he usually shares the daily life, private Sun Honglei is actually a very gentle and considerate, even some of the appearance of the simple and honest.Don’t at first look at Sun Honglei a face of fierce, but spoil the wife but let a person feel inferior, before there was a netizen encounter Sun Honglei and his wife to participate in some activities, because the scene is more people, Sun Hong has been holding his wife, two people have been inseparable, but also at the scene took a photo, big show of love.Sun hong2 lei2 and wife very conjugal love feelings, and gave birth to a lovely daughter, sun hong2 lei2 is also turns into a dry daughter slasher, from time to time on the social platform to share her daughter’s dynamic, but these photos are not positive of the daughter, daughter wants to come and hope in growth period from too much bother, but the sun hong2 lei2 is couldn’t help feeling themselves to show off,She changed her profile picture to one of her daughter.Of sun Honglei a sweet everybody sees in the eye, believe to have such a reliable “eldest brother” in the home, wife and daughter can feel safe sense is very, and have dear wife and daughter to be in side, Sun Honglei also is very happy certainly, blessing a family harmony is happy.# Sun Honglei