What can we expect from the start of spring

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This article was transferred from;The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will kick off with a grand gesture on February 4, and China will present a “simple, safe and wonderful” opening ceremony to the world.What on Earth are we expecting from the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics?The grand opening ceremony was associated with the traditional Chinese New Year festival.Zhang Yimou, chief director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, appeared in a short clip from the opening program of CCTV’s Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala.He said “See you in grade four”, which hit many netizens.As the world’s first “double Olympic” opening ceremony director, Zhang Yimou has “revealed the plot” of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony features “ethereal, romantic, modern, scientific and technological”, which instantly raised the audience’s expectations, hoping for “one key Chinese New Year’s day four”.The fourth day of the Lunar New Year is the beginning of Spring, one of the 24 traditional Solar terms in China.In an interview with China Youth Daily and China Youth Net, Zhang yimou said that his work in recent years “seems to be in line with winter” and that he hopes the start of spring this year will bring good omen.In the winter Olympics specially designed program “Ice and Snow Shining Chinese Year”, the symphony orchestra played in the ice and snow, and the mascots of The Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” flew back and forth like fairies to the dancing waltz and the beating notes of the Winter Olympics symphony.Dancing to the music, the two elves fly to the outside of the stadium, leading everyone to overlook the ice Cube, snow Ruyi, ice ribbon, ice sail, ice linghua, and so on, to feel the magnificence of the Beijing Winter Olympics venues.Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year and the Year of the Tiger for the first time on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and invited to celebrate the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.Liu Changyong, Coco Lee and many international friends sing the winter Olympics theme song “Light up the Dream”.”Olympic meet, colorful sky the most beautiful smile”, dream across the guanshan heavy, the Olympic spirit spread around the world.”Light up the Dream” is a song written specifically for the Winter Olympics.Liao changyong said he hoped the song would bring blessings and a new atmosphere to everyone.I wish the Olympic athletes can achieve good results in the Olympic Games and win glory for the country.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games not only opened a sporting event, but also lit up a new hope for spring.95% of the actors are teenagers about the opening ceremony, what will be the changes and highlights?According to the current public information, the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games involved about 15,000 performers, while the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will no longer use the “crowd tactics”, with a total of about 3,000 actors participating in the performance.Ninety-five percent of the performers are teenagers.Wang Jun, deputy director of venues of the National Stadium operation team and director of performances and ceremonies of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies Department, said earlier that it was the first time in history that teenagers were invited on such a large scale at the Olympic Games.These energetic young actors will show the world the style of Chinese teenagers.To help students balance study and rehearsal without delaying the work of the young performers, they provided each performer with a chair and desk to do homework and review lessons during rehearsals for the opening ceremony, Wang told the media.Zhang Yimou previously introduced that this time, the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics emphasized the “people”.Before the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, there is about 30 minutes of warm-up performance called “marching square dance”.There is no host for the hot show, no stars or professionals, but ordinary people, the youngest 5 years old, the oldest more than 70 years old.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics has been adjusted both in length and structure to take temperature, epidemic prevention and other factors into account. The opening ceremony lasts about 100 minutes and aims to be “simple and wonderful”.In order to host the opening and closing ceremonies, the Bird’s Nest underwent a comprehensive intelligent upgrade.Zhang yimou has said that the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics used a sense of interaction captured in real time on the big scene, and audiences may see snowflakes interacting with actors in some venues.”Where people go, snowflakes go, or snowflakes will separate, let people out.”He also revealed that this time, there are important changes in the ignition and torch, which are different from the past.From 2008 to 2022, the emotional Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games embodies the hope and love of every Chinese.Before the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the star-studded song “Beijing Welcomes You” went viral.Wang Pingjiu, the chief planner of the song, released “See you in Beijing” in the countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics 100 days ago, continuing the classic melody and Olympic feelings of “Beijing Welcomes you”.However, Wang pingjiu later discovered that the Beijing Winter Olympics not only showed China during the Olympic Games, but also showed the world China’s yesterday, today and tomorrow. It showed an open, inclusive and vibrant China that unites people from all over the world to work together for a better future.Thus, a song promoting the slogan of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics called “Together for the Future” was created, with lyrics by Wang Pingjiu and music by Chang Shilei.Wang Pingjiu said that 14 years ago, “Beijing Welcomes You” with the theme of “new Beijing”, combining the song performance with Beijing landmarks, sent out to the world from this ancient and modern city in one of the most enthusiastic invitation, inviting everyone to see the real Beijing, contemporary China.Fourteen years on, the Chinese people’s outlook, ideology and world outlook have continued to develop. Today, we are more interested in the world, and we are the architects, advocates and builders of a community with a shared future for mankind.The music video of “Toward the Future together” no longer selects landmarks, nor is it limited to ice and snow sports. Instead, it focuses on the smiling faces of every Chinese and the enthusiasm, openness, confidence and calmness behind the smiling faces.The music video “depicts our new look, new pattern and new world in 2022,” Wang said.Yang zhongwei graduated from Peking University Health Science Center majoring in clinical medicine.He volunteered as a medical professional for the hockey program at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.Now, Yang zhongwei serves as the director of the Winter Olympics coordination office of Chongli Hospital of Peking University.”I watched the last rehearsal of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008, and The Chinese fou beat the hearts of the people.”Yang said that he expects the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics to “have a shock opening that sets everyone’s heart rate together.”Zhang Shuai, part-time deputy secretary of Beijing Chaoyang District Committee and Secretary of The Youth League Committee of Beijing Chaoyang District Lawyers Association, is a city volunteer for the Winter Olympics and also a “double Olympics” volunteer.This time he got the chance to watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.Impression of Denver in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is “fascinating, shock”, and for the opening ceremony, Denver, said: “not be so excited, because everything is natural, we also is very natural, strong also is very natural, this may is the national development and leads to the formation of a our natural confident.”Hu Fang, an employee of state Grid Lanxi Power Supply Company, will participate in the Torch relay for the Winter Olympics on February 4.She remembers watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and feeling it was magnificent, with “so many people pulling together to do one thing”.When Hu fang learned that the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics was much smaller than in 2008, she thought it fully demonstrated The characteristics of China and the great country that welcomes visitors from all over the world.”Come to China, we together to the future!Let’s work hard and forge ahead together, carry forward the Olympic spirit, and wish the world can be more peaceful.”Cao Xiaofan, the youth League branch secretary of the College of International Sports Organizations at Beijing Sport University, was born in 1995 and was still in primary school during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.In his impression, the opening ceremony was magnificent, “the classic of classics”.In this Winter Olympics, Cao xiaofan participated in volunteer work as a teacher leading the Beijing Sport University Zhangjiakou Competition area.For the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, Cao Xiaofan is excited and looking forward to.”There are so many new elements in the Games, such as technology and environmental protection. It’s exciting to be here to witness the opening of the Winter Olympics.”Cao xiaofan and volunteers from The Beijing Sport University are in charge of external liaison for the Village. During their meetings with foreign delegations, athletes from many countries were impressed by the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.”Everyone is looking forward to going to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics to experience the charm of Traditional Chinese culture and witness the splendor of the event.”China Youth Daily · China Youth Net reporter Shen Jiequn source: China Youth Daily