Yingshan, Hubei: 1.18 billion yuan of investment in this year’s major project construction “assembly signal”

2022-05-23 0 By

On February 14, Yingshan County in Hubei province organized 10 major projects such as Gold Olympic auto parts production projects to participate in the concentrated start of activities in Huanggang city, comprehensively sounded the “assembly” of this year’s major project construction, and pressed the “acceleration key” to promote the high-quality development of county economy.Start work is the absolute truth, put into production just have true benefit.That morning,County gold production project in the auto parts, 喆 the auto parts and accessories manufacturing production line, automatic production projects for personalized custom home products, Kowloon bay first demonstration area construction projects, loop construction engineering, ray ray stores township town of stores on both sides of the river township construction, hole lane four good rural road infrastructure and related engineering, S236 the yellow wire (yingshan county millet for transshipment to BritainMountain Pass section) Road reconstruction project, 10 key projects of Longtan River to Banshifan rural road, Yingshan County Lianghekou regional systematic governance project have been started in concentration, involving automobile parts, customized home, road and supporting facilities construction, regional system governance and other fields, with a total investment of 1.18 billion yuan.At the beginning of the New Year, in order to deeply implement the development strategy of “Five grasp and five Construction” and strengthen the planning layout of “one district leading and three parks supporting”, the county has successively produced auto parts industry projects such as Shenli Half-axle, Hengyida Aluminum shell production of new energy vehicles, and Jinbiao Pharmaceutical Company’s Traditional Chinese medicine and special medical food production projects.Jin ‘ao auto parts production, Zhe ‘ao precision machinery processing intelligent manufacturing project, small Chu Artisan customized home project have been started, further promote the building of industrial enterprise industrial cluster.It is reported, the county vigorously carry forward the spirit of “the bartender”, and the project owner “and add”, to build first-class government affairs environment, market environment, law environment, open environment, and vigorously promote the smooth construction of major projects, to start DaXiao, accelerate the dongfeng star intelligent automotive components manufacturing industrial park, the foreign exchange earning intelligence automobile chassis and dynamic testing project,A “good start” in the first quarter will ensure a “red year” for the whole year, and a “good start” in the first quarter will strive for a “brilliant year”.(Correspondents Yu Pingkang, Li Haijian)