Huarong Yuxu Town to carry out “peace care” visit and condolence activities

2022-05-24 0 By

Yueyang radio and Television all media on January 24 (correspondent/Luo Hao) Peace care in action, sincere service warm people.To advance the drug-related personnel in-depth development of “silent love” action, consolidate the detoxification effect, reduce relapse behavior, strengthening of helping and caring for drug-related personnel, the Spring Festival approaches, huarong must town party committee, deputy secretary of the walking fish ze-yu liu led, anti-drug ZhuanGan, anti-drug organization town club members and anti-drug volunteers visit family condolences to the whole town drug-related personnel.Before the activity began, the staff of the Anti-drug office and the anti-drug branch of Yuyuxu Town investigated the reasons for drug addiction, the process of drug withdrawal and the family situation of drug addicts, and prepared love materials for the families of drug addicts.In household sympathy, ze-yu liu family members face to face with drug-related personnel broad, ask for details of the drug addicts social experience, family economic condition, life and employment, and so on and so forth, care for their minor children learning education, to convey the party and the government’s concern, and distributed anti-drug publicity brochures, to help drug addicts drug determination, encourage them to complete withdrawal addiction,Get back to normal life.Before leaving, the staff sent rice, Spring Festival couplets and other gifts to the families of drug addicts, and told them to shoulder their family responsibilities, do a good job in the family education of minor children, and create a good learning and living environment for them.Must be walking fish town to implement “people-oriented” concept, according to the different characteristics of drug-related personnel and their families, the implementation of “one a policy of” work method, the specific solutions to help drug-related personnel minor children in life and school difficulties, make the drug-related personnel fully felt the warmth of the party and the government and care, enhance their confidence and determination to refusing HIV detoxification.