The professor stole a plane and crashed it into the ground

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Dr Christopher Wallard, 64, a retired computer science professor, stole a light aircraft and crashed it into the ground knowing he had been diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer and given three months to live, a Kent county court has ruled.The same Cessna 172 That Dr. Vollard was flying.On the morning of September 10 last year, Dr Vollard reportedly drove to Rochester Airport in Kent for a pre-arranged flying lesson.A studious apprentice pilot, he has logged less than 75 hours since he began flying in March 2019, about four hours solo.After a routine check, Dr. Vollard boarded the plane, began taxiing to the runway and radioed air traffic control to speak with his flight instructor.While waiting for the instructor to call back, Dr. Vollard sped off without warning.He told the console over the radio that he had been diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer and given three months to live.He then told the instructor to log into his bank account to repay the loss of the plane.Dr. Vollard said he would look for an empty place to crash, then turned off the radio and the plane’s tracking system.Dr. Vollard’s crash site.At 10:44 a.m., Dr. Vollard’s Cessna 172 Skyhawk crashed into a field.The RAF’s distress and Diversion unit later located the wreckage.Locals managed to pull Dr Wallard out of the cockpit and tried to give him first aid while calling the emergency services, but he was pronounced dead at 12.44 hours.Investigators searched his home in West Coop, Kent, and found Dr Vollard’s will left on the kitchen table.Judge Ms Hepburn, who ruled the death a suicide, expressed her “sincerest condolences for this loss”.Source: Southern Metropolis Daily