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The classmate of everyone, I am a veterinarian Dr. Little sister wanted to graduation, want to share today it was once thought to be “unpopular” enrollment veterinary professional, now with the progress and development of The Times, the veterinary industry has become a new growth point of the job market, many vocational colleges appear even more companies snapped up the phenomenon of animal husbandry and veterinary related professional graduates,Do you envy your pet doctor for stroking your cat all the time?Of course, I chose to major in animal medicine because I love small animals from the bottom of my heart.When I was an undergraduate, it was a 4-year program. Now, many colleges and universities have changed to a 5-year program. This reform is more conducive to improving students’ comprehensive application ability.Freshman and sophomore major courses of animal anatomy, biochemistry, animal physiology, animal pathology, veterinary pharmacology, animal immunology, clinical diagnostics, veterinary veterinary microbiology, veterinary internal medicine, veterinary epidemiology and animal parasites epidemiology, veterinary medicine, veterinary public health, animal (pet) disease and so on.Anyway, we still have a lot of courses, so during the freshman and sophomore years, we will either take classes or take experimental classes. Mastering solid basic theories of animal medicine is the sword of our career.Most of the experimental animals are rabbits, chickens and mice, of course, there are pigs, cattle and sheep and other large animals, do you think the picture is a little hard to imagine.The junior year is mainly internship, generally will go to breeding farms and pet hospitals.Combine basic knowledge with clinical application through internship.Farms include pig farms, chicken farms, cattle farms, sheep farms and so on.So our veterinary profession is closely related to national life and the national GTP, because who doesn’t love meat?The practice in pet hospital is to learn clinical experience from the pet doctor, to treat the sick or injured, and to be able to save lives is also very happy.In our senior year, we will face the problem of postgraduate entrance examination and employment. Our professional postgraduate entrance examination and employment rate are still very high, and the employment rate of graduates is more than 98%.Of course, it is also possible to continue to pursue graduate studies in the field of life sciences. Each year, more than 40% of undergraduate students take the graduate examination.02. Postgraduate courses are divided into veterinary medicine and veterinary medicine.Veterinary medicine is an academic master, divided into basic veterinary medicine, preventive veterinary medicine, clinical veterinary medicine.Veterinary medicine is a professional master without distinguishing research direction, mainly combining research with production practice.Graduate school choice, relative China agricultural university, northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology, jilin university, sichuan agricultural university, nanjing agricultural university and other veterinary discipline are relatively concentrated, subsidiary of veterinary research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences is also a good choice, said Shanghai veterinary research institute, Harbin veterinary research institute, lanzhou veterinary research institute.Compared with other majors, veterinary major has less competition pressure. After all, the English language score is the lowest, so you should cheer up for the postgraduate entrance examination. Postgraduate entrance examination is also a very important springboard in your life.Graduate employment trend, graduates can in animal disease control, animal husbandry and veterinary research institutes and other administrative departments work, can the enterprise of large scale cultivation, the veterinary medicine and feed enterprises and other enterprises engaged in veterinary lab technicians, technician, animal feed management work, in the large chain pet hospital is engaged in the industry is also a lot of people choose pet doctors.Of course, you can also choose to start your own business, running pet hospitals, livestock farms or feed veterinary medicine business department.END source: Zhou Does not know the study diary