Ice and snow champion into the hundred dingfeng really here “material” super “auspicious” hot

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China Herald jilin news (Su Li) The joy of the Spring Festival meets the joy of the Winter Olympics, intangible cultural heritage folk “set off” the national ice and snow upsurge, food culture and ice and snow sports make Jilin full of passion this winter!On February 8, the intangible cultural heritage inheritance activity – Ice and snow champion into dingfeng Zhen and Dingfeng Zhen “midnight” remote Tiger year handicraft “㨪” Yuanxiao activity was held in the flagship store of Dingfeng Zhen Chongqing Road, Changchun City, Jilin Province. The activity invited 5 ice and snow champions, who will gather in Dingfeng Zhen with 30 groups of families.Guo Hongru, the 1989 short-track speed skating World Championship champion and China’s first world champion since the sport began in 1981, won the gold medal.Li Changxiang, champion of women’s 500-meter short track speed skating at the 16th World University Games and champion of women’s 3,000-meter relay at the 1991 World Championships;Wang Pengyu, champion of 2019 ISU Short track Speed Skating World Youth Championship and men’s 1500 meters champion of 2019 National Short track Speed Skating Championship;National short track speed skating champion Zhu Zhaoyu and National junior short track speed skating champion Ren Yuru.Together with 30 groups of families and inheritors of Dingfeng Zhen pastry making skills, these ice and snow champions carry forward traditional Chinese culture and combine ice and snow culture with food culture for generations to come.Event, DingFeng really not genetic bearing Wang Fang, Chen lijuan two craft master put together experience yuanxiao, Beijing eight production, participate in the family also can choose stick sugar-coated figurine, lanterns, shadow play, guess lantern riddles, on-site experience family homemade fresh dumplings can also back to taste their learning outcomes in the home.In addition, the non-hereditary inheritors also gave dingfengzhen Yuanxiao gift bag and dingfengzhen Limited-edition Winter Olympic-themed cake gift box to the five ice and snow champions and the experiencing family.It is understood that Changchun Dingfengzhen was founded in the third year of Xuantong in the late Qing Dynasty (1911). It is a well-known “Time-honored Brand” food enterprise in Changchun city and Jilin Province and trusted by consumers. Year after year, day after day, Dingfengzhen’s growth has been deeply integrated into the northeast culture.Following the development of The Times, Dingfengzhen has now integrated southern style products with the traditional style of the north, with more than 1000 kinds of cakes.Mid-Autumn moon cake, traditional Lantern Festival, glutinous rice balls and so on have been rated as famous brand products by the state, province and city for many times, especially the traditional pastry products, is deeply loved by the people.At the same time, Ding Feng Zhen is also aware of modern people’s eating habits, developed western-style cakes, western-style bread, western-style cakes and sugar-free, low-sugar and other series of food.Xie Baotian, General manager of Dingfeng Real Food Co., LTD., said: “Changchun Dingfeng is the first batch of national food industry certification ‘Chinese time-honored brand’ brand, has a history of 111 years, Dingfeng Real pastry technology has been passed down 7 generations of intangible cultural heritage.We welcome friends from all over the world to come to Changchun to enjoy the beautiful scenery of ice and snow jilin, experience the fun of ice and snow sports, and taste the authentic delicious food of changchun’s local time-honored brands.Winter Olympics in Beijing, experience in Jilin, feel the food culture to dingfengzhen!Ding Feng Zhen celebrates the Chinese New Year and the Olympic Games with delicious food, and specially launches the ‘Meet me 2022’ Olympic Themed gift box to wish the athletes of the Winter Olympic Games the ideal results!””I think we are very similar. We athletes share the spirit of perseverance and the undying belief of striving for gold for the glory of our country.Inheritors of intangible cultural heritage have inherited the ingenuity of a big country and the century-old culture. We all have one thing in common: inheritance. Only by persevering and striving for perfection can century-old enterprises survive and the country become strong and unyielding.”Guo Hongru told reporters.The purpose of this activity is to celebrate the Ice and snow Olympics with ice and snow food, promote ice and snow sports culture and ice and snow food culture, ice and snow champion lead everyone to understand the intangible cultural heritage, understand the brand story of “China time-honored brand”, and promote the spirit of Olympic champion.After experiencing the on-site homemade Lantern Festival and other activities, several primary and middle school students who participated in the activities said that they had gained a lot.Xin Yizhao, a senior at northeast Normal University High School, said, “When I was making the Lantern Festival, I saw how hard these champion athletes worked. I could feel the spirit of the Winter Olympics from them. I thought I should learn from them and keep exploring and improving.In this event, I also found the meaning of inheritance, such as the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage and the sports spirit of champions, we should also inherit these excellent culture and quality around us.”Hi-tech industry and technical development zone, changchun net month HuaYue NiAoSong school grade seven students, said the event made him really is the charm of intangible cultural heritage, also saw the short track speed skating champion, think of the joy of champions title, also think of athletes training hard at ordinary times of hardship, he put the spirit of hard work into their own learning.The reporter learned that Dingfengzhen has consistently strict requirements for product quality and high standard operation, which has won reputation and honor for the enterprise, and has won nearly 100 awards such as “China Well-known Trademark”, “China Time-honored Brand” and “Jilin Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage”.In terms of business model, we can make century-old brand radiate new vitality through online and offline parallel way.