Inmates in a prison in Liaoning province were put in a small cell after being verbally abused and punished, breaking down in tears

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In prison, discipline is the direct management of prisoners, can be said to have absolute authority in front of prisoners, prisoners usually dare not disrespect discipline.However, there are all kinds of prisoners, and some do not obey the management to a certain extent.In 1997, production was under way in a prison block in Shenyang, Liaoning Province.Suddenly two prisoners began to scold each other, and one began to hit the other.The captain of the prisoners found out and took the two to the correctional office.Captain Zhang asked the situation, is the prisoner Wang is wrong.Xiao Zhang criticized Wang mou education, that era, discipline personnel’s language is not standard.As a result of the language used more ruthless, provoked the prisoner Wang mou resistance mood.The prisoner Wang mou carries on the loud abuse to the branch captain Xiao Zhang.The dignity of discipline is not allowed to be challenged by the prisoner.Unit leader Xiao Zhang ordered several prisoners to tie the prisoner Wang mou in the office door of the big poplar tree.Made the prisoner think.The prisoner still kept insulting Xiao Zhang.Then, xiao Zhang ordered several prisoners, wang mou for a corporal punishment.And personally punished the prisoner with an electric baton.However, the prisoner still refused to admit his mistake.So, Xiao Zhang decided to close the “trumpet” to the prisoner.Several prisoners tied up five, escorted him, and sent him to the trumpet.The trumpet is a special presence in prison.Prisoners who go through “small” detention are usually good at correcting their mistakes.If you’re interested, in the next article, I’ll tell you more about the trumpet.Prisoner Wang mou after a month, small “trumpet” came out.Tearfully admitted the mistake to Xiaozhang unit leader, from now on orderly transformation.Conclusion: In prison, discipline does not allow prisoners to provoke!Prisoners should listen to the teachings of the discipline, reform well, strive for commutation, early release, return to society, do a useful person to society!