Jadeite jade color material more popular market?Not necessarily

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Jade market really worth the investment, collection, preservation, jade, is a kind of water industry has both good and pure in so far as color is concerned, color without water is “frozen”, coarse bean species under jade was known as the kg or brick material, far can not meet the level of business, let alone a collection appreciation, is only common jewelry, meet the demand of daily wear decoration.Color production, both water and color is hard currency on the domestic market in recent years, color of the new material and many, water accounted for part of the material, only kind of water and color, water compatible good material, a material is difficult to find, even if there is also more cracks.Kind of water and color perfect grain crack also less jade raw material is hard to buy, high goods jade is worthy of the name of the hard currency.Jadeite color rich but green material is more popular jadeite color according to the position and form of existence, can be divided into three categories, namely leather color, color, background color.The color of the jade shell, called leather, leather is not part of the jade, but you can carry on the second design of the leather color, to do jade carvings or ornaments.Color is jade part surface or jade quality part has obvious stratified state of color, common floating flower color is to point to color.Background, is the jade stone background, that is, a hazy background color, with a certain combination of jade, strictly speaking, is not jade jade color.Color material on the real color, color root, that is, the origin of jade color, color is more concentrated place, which is determined by the color of jadeite jade.The better the water jadeite color is more uniform, the color root is not obvious, and the worse the water jadeite color is not uniform, the color root is more obvious.Qiao color is far higher than the value of color color jadeite value, not only by the color is, strong, Yang, are the four key indicators, but also related to the presentation of color.In the case of similar water color grade close, color variety jadeite, than a single color of jadeite value;Color category stratification is obviously easy to do creative carving jade, than the color of mixed jade is difficult to separate high value;Color with a good fusion of water jadeite, and color with a strong sense of water isolation jadeite high.In a word, the quality of jade color, must be placed in the specific kind of water or jade carving works to judge, and the priority of water is higher than color.