On New Year’s Day, “Ice China” live broadcast the wonderful winter in Altay for you

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Of the coming of the Spring Festival comes at a time when ice and snow sports, the 2022 winter Olympics Beijing winter festival historically rooted in various states exist way for Chinese children’s life “ice China” which pass China in the view of the international ice and snow spirit features a multi-angle digging around China traditional culture connotation CGTN culture and tourism together Chinese and foreign cultural exchange center, tencent WeChat most generation in ChinaOpen the “Ice and Snow China” live broadcast and short video to enter the most representative ice and snow locations in China, experience ice and snow competitive sports, unlock more local ethnic folk characteristics, and unlock the most in 2022 winter.On January 29th, the first stop is Changbai Mountain in Jilin province, where we will ride snowmobile, swing on mountain swings and eat hot pot in snow cave. On February 1st, on the first day of Chinese New Year, the second stop is Altay in Xinjiang Province, where we will enjoy the unique “fur skiing”. On February 3rd, the third stop is Shahu lake in Ningxia.There was a “realIcebreaking journey “is happening February 1 (The first day of the Chinese New Year) ‍13:00‍‍‍13:00-15:00 to” Snow and Ice China “direct broadcast room to see the” human skiing origin “Altay ice and snow charm live watch way video attention” Xinjiang is a good place “Weibo attention” Xinjiang is a good place V “hundred attention” Xinjiang is a good place “Diyin attention”Xinjiang is a good place
Review: Ge Jian Supervision review: Si Yuanxun © Xinjiang is a good place to do not need heaven to “space walk”?It’s in Xinjiang!

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