Record the journey

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Winter · Yue (Chinese painting) Shi Quan has strong cattle, thousands of doors welcome the New Year;More line tiger step, together to the future.(Calligraphy) Sun Xuefeng Ski jumping (Chinese painting) Wan Xiao Singing Winter Olympics · Snow and ice (print) Ren Huihui Morning Song (print) Zhang Shuying The vast expanse of snow fields, the long mountains and scattered houses are wrapped in dazzling white.The silence was pierced by a speeding figure that burst into view like lightning.The skydiving ski jumper lowered himself to keep his balance while pushing himself to the limit of speed.His a red dress is into a flame in the winter, lit up this piece of dream.This is artist Wan Xiao’s 30th ink sketch of winter Olympics sports, and she still has a long way to go to complete her “small goal” of “7, 15 and 109 events”.The Olympic Games have always been closely linked with art, and the Winter Olympics, with its unique charm of ice and snow sports, has attracted many artists to express their enterprising spirit through diversified art forms.In order to help the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, interpret the Olympic spirit with works of art and tell the story of the development of ice and snow sports in China, numerous art exhibitions and creative activities with the theme of “Winter Olympics” were held throughout the country during the Winter Olympics, among which a large number of new works and excellent works emerged.These works have various themes and different styles, which not only adhere to the ancient methods but also have innovation. They not only show the unique charm of ice and snow sports and ice and snow landscape, but also highlight the high enthusiasm of artists to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in the way of artistic creation, presenting the audience with a feast of art that blends strength and beauty.For artists, “Winter Olympics” is undoubtedly a relatively new theme of creation, and the new theme is inevitably accompanied by a new experience of creative perspective, artistic techniques and other aspects.The process of completing such a work is also a process of re-learning and breaking through previous creative procedures.”As a winter Olympics theme artist, the first thing to do is to get a thorough understanding of the projects that are easily confused.Such as bobsled, steel bobsled, luge and other events, ON the basis of consulting information and familiar with the rules of the competition, I describe each event, and interpret its representative sports state from different angles, so that the audience can feel the best dynamic athletes on the field as personally.”Wan said that after each creation, she will display her work on the online platform, accompanied by the corresponding explanation of the competition rules.For her, winter Olympic-themed art creation is a good opportunity to understand the spirit of ice and snow sports and show the cultural connotation of ice and snow sports.In the same way, ren Huihui focuses on the development and evolution of ice and snow sports in ancient and modern times.She depicts the scene of “ice play” in qing Dynasty and the scene of modern ice and snow sports in the form of color-coded wood carving.On top of the two folded scrolls, the ice and snow sports in different times have different venues, different equipment and different rules, but they all share the same spirit of striving and striving for the top.When talking about her creative experience, Ren Huihui admitted that her biggest harvest lies in the in-depth sorting of the relevant historical materials of qing Dynasty’s “Bingxi”, and the expression of the new winter Olympics theme with traditional printmaking language is also a new direction of her creative exploration.In addition, we can enjoy the graceful posture of athletes in Chinese paintings such as “Ice Dance” by Jiang Bo and “Colorful Clouds of Five Continents” by Liu Zuan.Can enjoy the magnificent winter scenery in chi Yinghong’s “Snow and Ice Feeling”, Liu Jidi’s “Winter Rhyme” and other oil paintings;I can also feel the cohesion of teamwork in sha Yonghui’s Chasing the Ball and Wang Huishan’s Iron Horse Glacier.”The creation of winter Olympic-themed art is not just a simple combination or superposition of ice and snow natural landscape and ice and snow sports images, but a fusion of power and beauty based on a deep understanding of the Olympic spirit, which is a visual bloom and spiritual sublimation.”Just as Ren Huihui said, from understanding and loving the Winter Olympics to recording the Winter Olympics, the artists have completed their own dream journey just like the ice and snow athletes.(Dong-A Ilbo reporter Rong Chi)