When you fill up your 50-liter tank, it shows you’ve added 55 liters?Why is that?

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According to the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, many people often encounter some small questions: clearly the fuel tank is only 50 liters, when filling up the tank, but it shows that 55 liters have been added?Why is the actual refueling capacity larger than the rated capacity?How to deal with refueling disputes?↓ Why is the actual refueling quantity larger than the rated capacity?
The Municipal Market Regulation Bureau has selected 12 common automobile fuel tanks on the market for special tests, and the test results show that:In the end, the actual capacity of most of the 12 tanks was 10% or more larger than the nominal capacity.What is the reason for this?
Rated capacity ≠ actual capacity
According to the national mandatory standard “Automobile fuel tank and its installation safety performance requirements and experimental methods” provisions, the rated capacity of automobile fuel tank, should be controlled in 95% of the maximum liquid capacity.As a result, automakers typically reserve 5% to 10% of their fuel tanks.For example, a 50-liter tank may actually go 55 liters or more.This is also for safety consideration, because gasoline is a volatile liquid, if the fuel tank is too full, in the process of driving, the gasoline expands in heat and spills out of the tank, which is easy to cause safety accidents.In addition, the car fuel tank is only a container, not a measuring instrument, its actual capacity will change at different temperatures, different pressure inside the box.Therefore, it is not scientific to judge whether the measurement of the tanker is accurate according to the rated volume of the tank.What if there is a refueling dispute?
The first trick check
Look at the verification mark.This is the market supervision department of tanker verification qualified, paste up, pay attention to check whether this sign in the period of validity.Second look at the display.Check whether zero is returned before refueling and verify the amount and amount of refueling after refueling.Three look at the seal.Lead seal is like the seal on the examination paper bag, which is tanker in the factory or market supervision department verification after the dozen up.If the lead seal is unsealed, it shows that the tanker is likely to be manipulated.Consumers can call complaints against the telephone, the verification personnel or supervisory personnel to check the seal.Second move recheck
Every gas station is required to have a standard measuring tank, and consumers in doubt can ask a gas station employee to check it on the spot.State provisions of the tanker maximum allowable error is plus or minus three thousand, for example, add 50 liters of oil, the corresponding maximum allowable error is 0.15 liters, if the review exceeds this range, it should pay attention to!Third call for help
If you have any refueling disputes, you can call 12345 for help.But before you do that, you need to keep your evidence, including gas receipts, photos or videos, to stand up for your legal rights.Source: Shanghai launched wechat official account (information: Municipal Market Regulation Bureau) Editor: Shi Xiaoyu Cover photo: Tubug creative view number author: Jing ‘an, Shanghai