7 months pregnant, Rihanna stepped out of the street wearing heels and revealing her bump

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On February 11, some media posted photos of Rihanna’s baby bump, in which she paired a leopard print coat with jeans.In the photos, Rihanna looks chic in a flat cap, leopard print coat, brown tank top, gold chain and high heels.Even when pregnant, she refused to give up on fashion.Rihanna, who is seven months pregnant, still struts around with her coat fully open to show off her bump.There was a noticeable bulge in her stomach, a slight drooping of her chest, and her thin waistcoat was stretched out by her rounded figure as if she were naked.But Rihanna doesn’t seem to mind, smiling confidently at the camera and not at all embarrassed by the fact that she looks like a pregnant woman from a distance, especially with heels that are 10cm faster.After seeing the photos, many netizens left comments in the comment section, saying “Foreigners are very physically fit.” Others asked, “So is it cold or not cold?” Others said, “It’s a little out of the mainstream” and “I can’t appreciate it.”When Rihanna announced her pregnancy on January 31, many fans were overwhelmed by the news, but some expressed concern that she might have made a mistake, given rocky’s history with relationships.In official photos, Rihanna appears to be trying to get her baby used to the spotlight too soon, with her clothes still unbuttoned and her bump showing.Holding hands and kissing with her boyfriend, the cool Rihanna looked like a little girl in love, not like a cool girl on stage.In other snaps, Rihanna is also unabashedly showing off her bump, a roped-in top with a large slit open in the middle, and looking stylish and cool in sunglasses and an all-black suit.But as she gained weight, rihanna’s thighs became fuller and her ankles became swollen, with one user joking that it ‘looked like elbowa sauce’.The two are not married yet, but Loki is determined to marry Rihanna and plans to do so as soon as their baby is born.Wish Rihanna the best of luck and look forward to seeing her in her wedding dress.# Rihanna Pregnant # Rihanna Pregnant in Heels # Rihanna topless # Rihanna