Faker won a thousand matches. In an interview, he said his most memorable match was the “double break”.

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Hello, everyone, I can play anything, nothing fine Saitama, On February 18, LCK spring T1 team to 2-0 score, bloodless won the KT team, won nine straight wins, maintain the first round of unbeaten record.In addition to being the final match of the first round of T1, it was also Faker’s 1,000th professional match.After the T1 and KT match, Faker also gave an interview to the media.In the interview, the media mentioned that this game was Faker’s 1,000th professional game, and asked Faker if there was one game in his 1,000th career game that impressed Faker the most.In response, Faker said that 1000 games shows that he has played a lot of games, he was surprised, and the most memorable game Faker answered was the previous final against KT.Here Faker said and KT final refers to the 2013 OGN summer final, said to this game we may be a little strange, but if said to the “double disaster war”, I think we all understand it.In that match, SKT and KT team fought hard to the fifth set, then OGN’s game system is BO5 and the last set is blind selection system, so Faker and KT team in the single RYU have taken out their signature hero, rob.The rest is history, Faker won the title, and RYU became one of the biggest backboards in LOL history, and is still getting his ass kicked.It seems that not only our fans have a deep memory of this match, but Faker himself also has a deep impression on that match. After all, SKT first lost two games and then let two chase three, plus the “double break”, which really pulled the program effect.Here, I can’t help but feel sorry for RYU, after all these years, LOL is still cool.Of course, “double disaster war” is classic, in addition to the operation of two players strong, the mechanism of this hero is also a great reason.As we all know, the operation of the robbery is very high, in the hands of the master can often play some very show operation, breathtaking, coupled with the image of the robbery ninja is very distinctive, so he has been very popular in the hearts of everbright players.Finally, what do you think about Faker reaching 1000 matches and Faker’s most memorable match being the “double kill”?Leave a comment below.