Inter win north Macedonian Derby in Serie A

2022-05-26 0 By

Inter milan beat Juventus 1-0 in the Italian Derby in the 31st round of Serie A on The morning of April 4, keeping their hopes of winning the scudetto.It was a “North Macedonia” victory for Inter.Juve were clearly the better side, outscoring them 22-5 on goal and 5-1 on target.In some ways, it was like Italy’s 1-0 exit by North Macedonia in the world qualifying play-off semi-final, when they led 32-4 in shots and 5-2 on target.The only goal of the game this morning was a penalty, inter’s only shot on target was from the penalty spot.In the 43rd minute, Dumfries fell to the ground in pain after being stepped on by Morata, the juve forward, as he ran into the penalty area.The referee did not respond at first, but video assistant referee (VAR) stepped in and showed Morata a yellow card after the referee went to the sidelines to watch a video review.Turkish midfielder Ciarhanoglu followed up with a penalty saved by Poland goalkeeper Szczesny.Then Ciarhanoglu followed up the shot, juve midfielder Rabiot accidentally put his own goal, the referee judged ciarhanoglu when the shot foul in the first, the goal was invalid.The video assistant referee (VAR) stepped in again, eventually awarding juve defender Henrique De Lecht an early entry into the penalty area for Ciarhanoglu’s penalty, which therefore required a heavy penalty.Ciarhanoglu again flicked to the bottom left corner, but this time it was harder and more tricky. Szczesny dived in the right direction but missed, and inter scored the only goal of the game.The match between Juventus and Inter was called the Italian National Derby. Italy failed to score in the three games in the second consecutive World Cup qualifier, and the azzurri only ended up missing the World Cup for the second time in a row.The front line of the Italian national team has almost no juve and inter players.Once upon a time, the ballon d ‘Or and World Player of the Year winner baggio came from Juve and went on to play for Inter milan.Juve once had Italian dream strike duo alessandro del Piero and pippo Inzaghi, vieri started his career at juve, the former world number one striker who spent his prime with Inter.Look at the current Juventus and Inter front line, is mainly controlled by foreign aid.Juve featured an attacking combination of vlahovic, Morata and dybala, with Italy fringe international Keane only coming on as a 73rd minute substitute this morning.Inter’s main striker pair is Argentina star Luotaro and Bosnia and Herzegovina star Dzeko, Argentina international Correa came on as a substitute, the other reserve striker is Chile international Sanchez.Italian football needs to reflect on its failure to qualify for two Successive World Cups, while Juventus and Inter milan need to rethink their team building and youth development systems.