Kaidi Group: focusing on the style of work, improving the ability to gather strength to solve the problem at the beginning

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The West Coast New District belongs to The Development investment Group, focusing on industrial development and urban renewal construction. Taking the opportunity of the new district’s “Work style and ability Improvement Year”, it guides and promotes the majority of the group’s cadres and staff to change their work style, strengthen their ability, grasp implementation and promote development.Focusing on the group to promote the “benefit breakthrough year” work, improve quality and efficiency, and achieve a “steady opening” and “good start” in the first quarter.In recent years, the West Coast New Area has gathered more than 30 core screen industry projects with a total investment of over 100 billion yuan. Led by BOE and Dongxu Group, the embryonic form of photoelectric display industry ecology supporting upstream and downstream enterprises has initially emerged, and the photoelectric display industry in north China is rising rapidly.At present, boe project is in the main structure construction stage, according to the node target, it is planned to complete the civil construction of the project in June.The 110kV substation is an important support for the follow-up equipment debugging and production of BOE Project. As the construction unit, CDIC group has organized workers to go all out to meet the deadline since the start of the project.In the past, it took 300 days to build a substation of the same scale, but it only took 97 days to complete the main capping of the substation, and now it has begun to transfer to the stage of secondary structure and equipment installation.Since this year, CDIC group has actively implemented the relevant work deployment of “Work Style and Ability Improvement Year” in Qingdao and West Coast New Area, further improved work style and ability, refined the project time node and construction plan, and created conditions for the substation to be put into operation in June.Cdic group promotes urban quality improvement with the spirit of “competition is first-class, only the flag is captured” and precise and precise working attitude. Langzhonggou Resettlement Area is the first old renovation project of Wangtai New Momentum Industrial Base, and it is also a key livelihood project, involving more than 3000 households in 7 villages.When it comes to projects aimed at improving people’s livelihood, we must not only strictly control the quality of projects, but also comply with the will of the people.Open investment group adhere to the demolition, planning, construction of the three main line synchronous stubble promotion of the overall plan.A linkage group was formed with the representatives of the designer, the construction party and the villagers to truly understand the needs of the residents, and the villagers directly demonstrated with the designer and the construction party what ideas they had for the interior decoration and outdoor matching, so as to meet the needs of the residents to the maximum extent on the premise of reasonable and feasible.At present, the whole project main body has been capped, and transferred to the interior decoration.Open group will continue to focus on urban renewal and urban construction crucial action, continue to promote queen cell core comprehensive starting area, Xu Shan mountain ecological restoration project, Beijing east substation, YanJiaHe area reconstruction project with a total investment of 70 billion yuan of major projects, and seven cities point engineering quality.Chairman Jiang Weibo proposed:We will resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the Municipal Committee of the CPC and the District Committee of the New District Work Committee, and carry out the improvement of work style and ability throughout the overall development of the Group. Besides focusing on urban renewal and project guarantee, we will also make targeted efforts in tax source introduction, financial investment, international trade and other sectors.Contribute to the new District as the leader of Qingdao’s high-quality development, strive to build a new era of socialist modernization demonstration leading area, with excellent results to meet the 20th victory of the Party.By the end of the first quarter, CDIC group’s total assets reached 33 billion yuan, up 79% year on year, operating income increased 101% year on year, profit and tax increased 50% year on year, the group achieved a “good start” in business performance.