Stick to ten days, only for the health of the people

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Stick to ten days, only for the health of the people’s epidemic is the order to set out “hello, is Sun Kun?Zhou Cun epidemic, our hospital needs to organize medical staff support, can you go?””Yes, no problem, I’m ready to go!”.Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.When I received the notice from the Medical department, I did not hesitate. I knew very well the responsibilities and obligations of a Communist party member.Then I went home to pick up the necessary clothes, on the way home to call the object of the phone, “go, go to do a good job of protection, take care of yourself.You can rest assured that I am at home.”Although I was reluctant to part with my young child, I still threw myself into the fight as a medical worker in the face of the sudden epidemic.At 10 am on March 10th, as the second medical team of Zibo Central Hospital, I set out on the journey with more than 30 comrades.Our medical team was assigned to Qingnian Road street, Zhoucun District, which is in the northeast of Zhoucun city, close to the northern suburb town and densely populated. The pressure and intensity of collection work can be imagined.After a brief rest, we immediately threw ourselves into the intense nucleic acid collection work.We were divided into six teams and stationed in each community, with an average nucleic acid test volume of 1,000 people at each point, and more than 2,000 people at the most.With the joint efforts of colleagues and community staff, the collection task of the first day was successfully completed at 3:00 a.m. on the 11th.On the way back to the isolation hotel, my colleagues and comrades-in-arms, who had been busy for more than ten hours, fell asleep.Outbreak of anti communist show style in this more than 10 days, although often night bed and early to rise, the residents don’t understand don’t cooperate and pollen weather reason, but after the joint efforts of everyone, we finally mastered the outbreak of the initiative and improved conditions in step by step, zhoucun markedly reduced the number of diagnosed patients and asymptomatic infections.As a member of the Communist Party, I always ask myself to establish a good image of the party members, when the danger comes to lead the charge in the first place, to play a vanguard role as a member of the Communist party.Zhoucun Qingnian Road street sub-close contact personnel more, relatively large risk, need to be closed management, can not go to the downstairs for centralized collection, so household collection has become a necessary work every day.Since there were many old residential areas and no elevators, I had to wear heavy protective clothing every day and climb up the stairs one by one to collect goods. After several times, my clothes were wet with sweat, and my calves were trembling.Because of the epidemic and the weather, some community residents wait until the final collection is over.As the arrival time of residents is not fixed, the delay time will be relatively long. As a Party member, I always ask our team members to rest first and let me finish the final collection work.I am not only a Communist party member, but also a medical worker. People’s lives and safety always come first, and I help them with my own actions.In this epidemic prevention work, I also benefited a lot, not only tempered my will, but also improved my patience, let me more realize the responsibility of a party member to shoulder.\ The communist party member’s responsibility moves you I turn cold cold no longer say that spring rain is as expensive as oil, this year’s spring rain comes exceptionally early.On the sixth day when I came to Zhoucun to help fight the epidemic, it was the first rain that came to Zhoucun, and the weather was extremely cold.We came to the cast steel living area of Dongjie community to collect the sixth round of nucleic acid tests for residents here.The community staff are very helpful and give us medical staff a lot of help and positive energy.What touched me most was that some residents returned to our collection site after the collection, asking if there was anything they could do to help us.Especially a little sister collection after the end of the umbrella said to me sweet: “Aunt you hard, thank you!My eyes went fuzzy in an instant.There are so many heart-warming actions to warm us, our hearts warm.May the epidemic end as soon as possible and everyone can go out freely!”The hardships at the moment, such as the rain before the rainbow, witness the arrival of spring.Contributed by sun Kun, United Party Branch, Department of Nephrology, Edited by Chen Yuan, reviewed by Propaganda Department