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Welcome to Ewha Theater. I am the host of ewha Sound Training Center.The COVID-19 pandemic since 2020 has affected everyone to some extent.Today, viruses are still trying to make their way into our lives in various ways.Accustomed to wearing masks, taking nucleic acid tests and getting vaccinated, we seem to have forgotten how happy we were before the epidemic.The Korean drama Happiness is the first TV series to discuss the changes in people’s lives and the impact of COVID-19.The series is set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, and tells the story of the emergence of a new variant of the virus that once again disrupted people’s lives as they gradually adapted to living with it.This new virus invades the human brain, controls human movements, and turns people into zombies.Although the onset of the disease is only a short period of time, but with the increase in the number of patients, the gradual loss of mental health of the hospital had to give up treatment, and sent to a cryogenic truck to die.Most of the drama focuses on a segregated community.Special police Yin Xinchun and detective Zheng Yixian live in it.Two people just moved into the police allocation of public rental housing, met the “madman disease” virus brought isolation “holiday”.The doctor and his wife upstairs have been making strange noises for a day after they moved in, and when Chun Chun goes upstairs to inquire, he is almost killed by the selfish male doctor.It turned out that the female doctor was infected with the virus and began to fall ill at home. The male doctor had to lock her in the toilet and try to make The Spring Festival food for his wife.Fled the Spring and Yi Xian rendezvous, but found that the community has been surrounded by the army isolation.The lieutenant colonel, who knew Chun Chun, called to tell him that he hoped they could help and guide the families in the community during the isolation period.Two weeks in quarantine, and the next day the rest of the building has already fallen because of potential infections.Spring and others had to close the door and cut off contact with the outside world.However, in the same building, and male doctors as the heart of the untold.The temporary cleaners, who were quarantined together, seized foreign supplies and demanded money in exchange for food.A female representative on the 12th floor who committed murder even during quarantine in order to become a representative of a community.Of course, there is no lack of good people, such as the third floor unfortunately infected with disease and choose home isolation waiting for rescue of the old couple;A writer on the fourth floor and a lawyer on the sixth floor help each time.The play is adapted from the previous human infection as long as the zombie virus will completely lose the human nature of the set, people can rely on their own willpower to reduce the probability and time of onset, not onset with ordinary people.The source of the disease is an oral treatment for COVID-19 that was invented during the pandemic.Although the screenwriter takes the novel coronavirus as the backdrop, he essentially wants to discuss with the audience what we have learned from the pandemic and what we should do in the future.Today, we are still in the situation that the epidemic has not been completely controlled.Maybe in the future, like this drama, a cure for COVID-19 will be developed and life will return to normal.Or, as disease control experts say, the coronavirus will linger like the cold virus, becoming a regular part of our lives.”You know what we learned from COVID-19?””Wash your hands well.””Life is more important than several people hurting each other.”Thank you for listening to ewha Theater. This program is produced by Ewha Education System. I am the host of Ewha Sound Training Institute.I’ll see you next time.