Amazing words!Malicious return home first isolation and then detention!Can you really do that?

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Recently, a video about Dong Hong, head of Dancheng County in Zhoukou City, Henan Province, has sparked heated debate.The magistrate publicly told the assembly: “You just have to return to isolation and detention.”Dong responded that the video had been edited to be untrue, with the contents such as “refusing to listen to dissuasion and returning home maliciously” removed.As a result, the so-called “malicious return” led to a wave of new public opinion.1, return to the “malicious”?Returning home during the Spring Festival is a feeling of homesickness in the bones of the Chinese people.There is only one reason to go home for Chinese New Year, and that is to return home for love and reunion.In the past two years, due to the epidemic, many people missed their families, relatives and hometown, but because of the epidemic prevention requirements, they still gave up their small homes for everyone and answered the government’s call to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot. This fully demonstrates the Chinese people’s love of family and country, collective spirit and overall interest.2. Problems reflected by “malicious return” : At present, with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, most places in China are low-risk areas, which is fully capable of allowing people to celebrate the Reunion Festival.As for returning home during the Spring Festival, the relevant ministries and commissions of the state have clearly stipulated that measures should be taken in accordance with local conditions, classified guidance and implementation in different areas, and no additional regulations should be made at different levels.(1) The “malicious return” reflects that some regions have a one-sided understanding of national policies, ignore scientific epidemic prevention requirements, and are keen on “one size fits all”, creating obstacles and difficulties for people to return to their hometowns.Those who could have gone home normally were “persuaded to return” for various reasons;There is no health risk, must be concentrated isolation.(2) It also reflects the lazy thinking of some officials who do not want to take responsibility for their work.To “kick” people who have returned to their hometowns out of their own responsibility, or to keep them in their own circle, so that they bear fewer risks and responsibilities, is a form of lazy government and inadequate governance capacity.(3) It reveals that the division of powers and responsibilities of governments at all levels is not completely clear.For some prevention and control policies, the state only defines the principles, and the specific implementation of these policies is up to local governments.It is true that the situation varies greatly, and it is more scientific according to local conditions.However, some of the policies that should be scientific and rigid are vague and vague, leaving room to add layers to a certain extent.3. How to prevent and control the epidemic?Epidemic prevention is important, but the key is to ensure scientific epidemic prevention, appropriate control, and effective measures.Community-level epidemic prevention will encounter various difficulties and pressures, and sometimes it is necessary to make quick decisions, act swiftly and cut the tangle.But no matter when, we should hold a bottom line: conform to the law and human feelings.Especially those who hold the public power should know the law and abide by it, striving to be the model of the construction of the rule of law.1) Party and government officials and public servants should read social conditions and public opinions through the Internet, think about problems from the standpoint of the people in an honest and proper manner, and get things done.When you are attentive to the people, the people will care about you. When you are close to the people, the people will be close to you.(2) All cadres, especially those at the grassroots level who face the people directly, and public servants should think more about the rule of law, cherish the power entrusted by the people, and always warn themselves that they should exercise their power in accordance with the law and immoderately, and take solid actions to fulfill the oath of “power for the people, affection for the people, and interests for the people”.(3) Improving prevention and control capacity.We will focus on details and implement all prevention and control decisions and arrangements.In areas where there is a lack of means of governance, the work of “top students” can be copied, and replicable experience can be incorporated into standard procedures to improve the capacity and effectiveness of COVID-19 control.(4) To dissuade returning home cannot rely on “harsh words”, engage in “one size fits all”, encourage to stay in need of more solid warm heart measures.We need to attach importance to and solve specific problems such as food, clothing, housing and transportation for migrant workers, and at the same time create new ways for them to find shelter for their homesickness.Pacify a homesick heart, to leave more wanderer footsteps.(5) We will continue to improve our ability to implement policies based on classification and precise control, explore scientific and effective measures for mass prevention and control, and devote ourselves to embroidery, serving the people, and serving the people.Treating every step of returning home, echoing every voice, supporting every figure fighting the epidemic, preventing and controlling the epidemic in accordance with the law, scientific prevention and control, and helping each other are effective ways to dispel the haze of the epidemic looming over traditional festivals.