Global connection | touched!The first coach praised the “never say die” spirit of women’s football

2022-05-27 0 By

China beat South Korea 3-2 in the final of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup on Wednesday to win the title for the ninth time in 16 years.As the first coach of women’s soccer players Tang Jiali, Zhao Lina, Yang Lina and Zhang Xin, Qian hui believes that they have given us the spirit of never say die and encouraged many young girls who love soccer.Behind the honor of the women’s football team is the hard work of many enlightening coaches.Without their “seedlings”, there would be no today’s “sonorous roses”.Reporter: Xu Dongyuan, Guo Jingdan, Wu Zhendong Editor: Ji Jiadong, Huang Xuguo Xinhua International Communication integration platform produced