How to judge electric car battery should scrap or repair?In 4 cases, it has been scrapped

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Please click “follow” before reading, we will provide you with more valuable related content later, thank you for your support.Electric vehicle is a useful means of transportation, but electric car batteries is its weakness, battery electric vehicles, though it is the most expensive parts, but it is still a “delicate” parts, easily damaged, life than motor, controller and other components, is a lot shorter, in general, use 3 years to 5 years is a very good state, while the use of non-standard,It needs to be replaced every one or two years.However, the battery also has an advantage, that is repairable, when the battery life decreased, can be restored by repair, although not as new, but also can restore about 70 or 80 percent, then, the problem comes, how to judge the electric vehicle battery should be scrapped or repaired?Small expert to share, there are four symptoms, has been scrapped state, it is suggested to directly replace the new battery, in other cases, you can try to repair.(1), battery severe bulge bulge is a common symptom, analysis volume increase is mainly due to the battery, the battery temperature rise, led to the “thermal runaway”, thus cell deformation, the bulge, and the emergence of the bulge is irreversible, could not be repaired by the way, let already deformation of the battery.For slight bulge, the battery can be normal use, but if the battery has been serious bulge, even completes the charging and discharging inside the battery can be normal, but the battery is already scrap, if stubbornly continue to use, charging will be safe hidden trouble, encounter flammable or wire melting, may cause fire accident, that thed loss outweights the gain.You are advised to replace the battery with a new one.(2) The battery has been used for more than 3 years. If the battery has been used for more than 3 years, it is found that the battery life decreases. At this time, whether to replace the battery or go to the repair shop to repair the contradiction, MY suggestion is to directly replace the new battery, for the battery that has been used for 3 years, repair is no help.Use 3 years of battery, the first charge and discharge times of it has basically exhausted, according to the lead acid battery 300 charge and discharge times, once every 3 days, 3 years basically exhausted the opportunity of 300 times, which cannot be restored by repair;In addition, when the battery has been used for 3 years, the lead plate in the battery will appear serious vulcanization, crystallization, that is, aging state, which cannot be restored through simple repair, so it is more cost-effective to replace the battery.(3), the electric car of less than 50% of the new state when the electric range is too low, there is a kind of circumstance, electric charge easily, but with the time, quickly without electricity, and this kind of situation, main is to reduce the capacity of the battery, the capacity of reduction, it is hard to repair to solve, this time suggest replace the battery.Lower capacity, mainly in the field of electric vehicles daily charge is not standard, such as charging all night, do not use it for a long time will not charge such as habit, lead to the unit or whole group batteries, battery capacity is shrinking, and ordinary life battery itself is not high, less than 50% is discarded, replace the new battery is the preferred solution.(4), when charging abnormal hot electric car battery in charge and discharge, will heat, this is normal, but if the battery used for a period of time, there will be abnormal hot battery, this situation is abnormal, and lead to such a situation, there are mainly 3 reasons.Cause 1: The active substance of the battery falls off;Cause 2: Battery internal resistance increases;Cause 3: Electrolyte lack for too long, has been unable to work properly;These reasons led to this state electric car batteries is belong to scrap, cannot be through simple repair recovery, and sophisticated technology to repair cost is higher, compared to change a new battery, would not be cost-effective, therefore, meet the battery is unusually hot, mainly observe first car, found the problem, timely replacement battery.Conclusion:As the battery more than 4 kinds of symptoms, the battery has suffered serious damage, recovery could not be repaired by simple technology, battery was judged as scrap, recommended directly replace new batteries, and in addition to the above 4 kinds of circumstances, if the battery mild fever, filtration, crystallization, still can be repaired, in short,Encounter abnormal situations, should be timely find maintenance master for inspection, “symptomatic treatment”, do not recommend that we blindly solve their own.Hope the above content can help you, what you still want to know, also welcome everyone comment exchange.