In 2022, the total amount of the first batch of special bonds issued by sichuan Provincial government will be 37.7 billion yuan, which will be invested in 352 major projects in key areas of the province

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Cover news reporter Liu Xuqiang learned from the Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance that on January 27, the first batch of special bonds of the 2022 Sichuan Provincial government of 37.7 billion yuan was successfully issued by Beijing Central Government Bond Registration and Clearing Co., LTD. The weighted average interest rate and maturity of the bonds were 3.11% and 16.7 years respectively, and the financing cost was effectively controlled.The bond funds are invested in 352 projects in the province, with a total investment of more than 460 billion yuan, which will promote the substantial increase in the physical workload of major projects in key areas of the province and help the province achieve a “good start” in the first quarter of the economy.It is reported that Sichuan financial innovation to implement the “bond guidance” project, adhere to the project, promote investment, steady growth, vigorously promote the issuance of local bonds and the use of “early, fast, accurate”, better play the role of special bonds to stimulate effective investment, stable macroeconomic market.Project reserve is the top priority of special bonds. In September 2021, the Finance Department will start the project reserve work of 2022 bond project application, warehousing, screening, evaluation and other projects, which is significantly ahead of the start time of 2021, leaving more sufficient time for local governments to ensure that the project reserve of Sichuan Province in the first quarter of 2022 is more mature and sufficient.At the same time, this bond issue focuses on speed and efficiency.In October 2021, the 2022 bond credit rating agency selection, underwriting syndicate addition, financial institutions docking and market survey work will be launched to ensure that a batch of projects can be organized to issue a batch of mature, promote the use of bond issuance speed.Adhere to the principle of “capital follows the project”, formulate the issuing plan scientifically, carefully choose the issuing time window, take into account the cost control, project construction schedule and capital demand, and improve the performance of using bond funds.In addition, the placement of bonds is more precise and sustainable.Around the key areas to support bond funds, priority support follow-up financing of projects under construction, focus on transport infrastructure, energy, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy, ecological and environmental protection projects, social undertakings, cold-chain logistics facilities in urban and rural areas, municipal and industrial park infrastructure, national major strategic project, affordable housing projects, etc.Priority will be given to projects under construction and those about to start construction by allocating quotas for special bonds in advance, and funding needs will be fully met for key projects of eligible provinces and cities in the first quarter of 2022, giving full play to the guiding role of bond funds.