Is it so hard to admit Jackson Yi’s excellence?

2022-05-27 0 By

Now after 00 entertainers can act really few, since we say that can act, that must be a film and television works “actor”.Comparatively speaking, the post-00s actresses are much better than the male actors, such as Zhang Zifeng, Zhao Jinmai, Wenqi, Jiang Yiyi, Li Gengxi, Deng Enxi, to name just a few.TFBOY’s Yi Yangqianxi, Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan and Chen Feiyu are the only male stars.The controversial ones will not be listed here.And today we want to talk about Jackson Yi.As the year of the Tiger begins in 2022, Yi Yangqixi, the “four-character brother”, has become a hot search engine because he has two films in theaters this year, namely Watergate Bridge, starring Wu Jing, and Miracle: A Kid. The total box office of his films has exceeded 10 billion yuan.To become the first Chinese post-2000 billion actor.That is to say, he has completed the miracle of “ten billion yuan” in just 28 months since he starred in “Young You” in 2019 to this moment this year, which is really amazing.Yi yangqianxi can be said to have come up step by step, “Young You”, “Send you a little red flower”, “Changjin Lake”, “Changjin Lake Watergate Bridge”, “Miracle – Stupid Child” and so on are the leading roles, not guest, not to touch fish, are the results of their own efforts.However, it is incomprehensible and incomprehensible that there are so few discordant voices.Yi Yangqianxi, no matter from what aspect, is a “root red seedling is right”.No matter who he is, people from all walks of life give him a very high evaluation, modest, low-key, can bear hardships, plasticity.Finally, it’s certainly not up to an actor to decide whether a movie is good or not.The success of a good film depends on the demand of the market, the public’s word of mouth, the production team and the hard work of the actors.What we are talking about here is Jackson Yi’s dedication to the film and his seriousness and sincerity.It’s easy to admit that a 21-year-old Yi is a little good.– — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —