Song Xiaobao voice to persuade Jiao Jiao, Jiao Jiao delete all accusations of dynamic, Jiao Jiao lost?

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The melon of the New Year will undoubtedly belong to Zhang Yujiao and Zhao Benshan.And in the event of Zhang Yujiao escalation of the present, Zhao class song Xiaobao finally stood out, and constantly advised Jiaojiao not to break the future, otherwise it will regret.And Zhang Yujiao seems to listen to the suggestion of Song Xiaobao, deleted all dynamic days, it seems to be reconciled with Zhao Benshan, lost?Text yu jiao event has been a recent online chat hot topics, especially its revealing GuanTingNa and zhao benshan years rumor is true story 8 earthquake has caused the entertainment industry, after all, zhao benshan famous already a long time, but also a model of smashing, now exit “jianghu” salarymen, if this point really confirmed the rumors again,It was a big slap in the face for Zhao benshan. Not only would his reputation be destroyed for many years, but his life in the future would be very difficult.And when the thing still will upgrade ceaselessly, song Xiaobao stood out as a member of zhao jia class.Song Xiaobao in their own small video platform published video, content directly pointed out that Zhang Yujiao is now doing is tantamount to self-destructing future, self-destruction of the future, there will be a time of regret.It is not difficult to see that Song Xiaobao’s feelings for Zhang Yujiao is still very good, after all, is the first zhao family class to stand up and admonish Zhang Yujiao.Indeed, Zhang seems to have been moved by Song xiaobao, and not only deleted all the videos of her complaint, but also deleted the one in which she claimed to have quit Benshan Media.As soon as Zhang yujiao’s move was exposed, the news of reconciliation between Zhang Yujiao and Zhao Benshan flowed out on the Internet, and some news even said that Zhang Yujiao took the initiative to admit her mistake to Zhao Benshan.As these news spread, also quickly triggered a wide range of netizens, have commented: “late, are already known to be deceiving teachers destroy ancestors, ungrateful people” “when favored to curry favor, disfavor will tear the face” “not hard to the end, the choice of compromise, is absolutely self-destruct future”.It is not difficult to see that netizens are not optimistic about Jiao Jiao’s move.Indeed, from the beginning of the high-profile withdrawal, to all kinds of undisguised Revelations, it seems that Zhang Yujiao has no room for maneuver, only as she said, no longer silent to fight back.So since Zhang yujiao can’t go back, why did she delete the video she posted?After some searching, zhang yujiao’s latest updates were found on her trumpet. She claimed that all the videos on the platform had not been deleted by herself, but by someone else.As for the details, not much has been revealed.As Zhang Yujiao this speech, Zhang Yujiao incident seems to be more and more confusing.Who was behind the deletion of her feed?And why did you delete her feed?Or is it self-directed and self-played, their own dynamic deleted, claiming that others to her deleted?Perhaps the details are best known only to those involved.And in Zhang Yujiao’s trumpet released by the dynamic below, there are many users in the comments, users have said: “capital”, “bustling, all for profit” and so on.It is not hard to see that netizens have speculated that the deletion of the video is driven by interests.Who is driving it is not clear.Conclusion The events of Zhang Yujiao and Zhao Benshan have become increasingly complicated and confusing, and the fog of the event has become increasingly thick. To clear the fog and see the truth, it depends on whether the parties are willing to open up.So what do you think?Welcome to leave your comments.– END — click on the focus, don’t get lost!Original works, plagiarism will be prosecuted, welcome to forward reading, prohibit illegal reprint