China speed skating 2 gold MEDALS group photo for the first time!She hugged Gao Tingyu too intimate, Su Bingtian voice

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On February 12, Beijing time, Zhang Hong, China’s first gold medalist in speed skating at the Winter Olympics, posted a photo with Gao Tingyu, the first time the two speed skating gold medalists showed their gold MEDALS together.Eight years ago in Sochi, Zhang Hong won China’s first ever gold medal in speed skating at the Winter Olympics.Eight years later in Beijing, Gao Tingyu also made history by winning China’s first gold medal in men’s speed skating!As commentary, Zhang Hong also witnessed this scene, and very excited, once shouted broken sound.After the game, Zhang Hong as the award guest for Gao Tingyu award.After the race, the two left a group photo, Zhang Hong also hugged Gao Tingyu, the two showed their gold MEDALS, this is a historical scene of Chinese speed skating, the two gold MEDALS and the two Chinese speed skating Winter Olympic champions show their honor for the first time in the same frame!It can be seen that the relationship between the two people is really good, Zhang Hong and Gao Tingyu is very intimate.In fact, during the commentary, because she paid so much attention to Gao Tingyu, Zhang Hong was a little more happy about Gao’s making history than many netizens could understand.So, our winter Olympic champion Zhang Hong unexpectedly also once encountered some mocking voice, her weibo message was once filled with questioning voice.However, many netizens have come out in support of Zhang, who knows best that this gold medal has not come easily.Li Jiajun stressed after the race, speed skating is equivalent to summer events of track and field, that is to say, even in the eyes of li Jiajun such a short track speed skating master, speed skating status is quite high, the gold content of this project champion, can be said to be very outstanding.Su Bingtian said, “Congratulations to Gao Tingyu for breaking the Olympic record and winning gold in the men’s 500-meter speed skating event. Let the world witness China’s speed!”This is also the summer Olympics and winter Olympics speed king of space praise!So, congratulations to Zhang Hong and Gao Tingyu.