Gusheng Tang set up a 30-member medical team to help Shanghai

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A medical team from Gusheng Tang takes a group photo before setting out for Shanghai in East China’s Shanghai, April 7, 2019.Photo by Chen Wenxia (People’s Daily Online) On April 7, the gusheng Tang medical team prepared to set out in Guangzhou South Railway Station.Photo taken by Chen Wenxia on People’s Daily Online on April 7, 2008, the gusheng Tang medical team took oath before setting out for Shanghai.People’s Daily Online: Chen Wenxia April 7, Gusheng Tang organized a 30-member medical team to help Shanghai.Photo by Chen Wenxia on People’s Daily Online on April 7, members of gushengtang medical team in Shanghai clap hands before setting out.People’s Daily Online: Chen Wenxia April 7, Gusheng Tang prepared a large number of anti-epidemic supplies sent to Shanghai with the medical team.People’s Daily online Chen Wenxia people taken in guangzhou, April 7 (Reuters) (li, Chen Wenxia) “we, as the leading enterprises in the domestic Chinese medicine chain organizations at the grass-roots level, the nation’s largest medical service institutions of traditional Chinese medicine, in the face of Shanghai outbreak obligatory to send out the features of traditional Chinese medicine health care team, provide epidemic prevention a line is given priority to with Chinese medicine treatment nursing service.”On the morning of April 7, gusheng Tang Medical team from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Fuzhou set out at Guangzhou South Railway Station. Tu Zhiliang, founder and chairman of Gusheng Tang Group, gave blessings to the medical team and awarded the flag.Recently, affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, Shanghai has gradually implemented strict containment deployment.To cope with the development of the epidemic, Gusheng Tang deployed anti-epidemic work in strict accordance with the national epidemic prevention standards, and promptly deployed personnel and supplies.On March 14, Gusheng Tang set up the group’s leading headquarters for epidemic prevention and treatment, and made unified arrangements for epidemic prevention across the group. It immediately appealed to Shanghai Municipal Health Commission and Shanghai Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, hoping to send gusheng Tang’s medical service team to Shanghai to support epidemic prevention.With the approval of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission and Shanghai Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is agreed that gusheng Tang will send a 30-member medical service team to leave on April 7th to support the medical service work of Pudong District People’s Hospital as soon as they arrive in Shanghai.After the approval, Gusson Tang quickly set up a special support team and took various measures including personnel transfer, material guarantee and skill training, and finally formed three groups with a total of 30 medical teams to go to Shanghai.Including 9 district in guangzhou (1 physicians, eight nurses), shenzhen district 5 people (2 doctors, 3 nurses) 1, fuzhou region (1) 5, Beijing district (1 doctors and four nurses), jiangsu district nine people (three doctors and six nurses), by the solid raw hall group, deputy general manager of couplet of medical Qian Wei served as the leader.In addition to medical staff, Gussing Tang also prepared a large number of anti-epidemic supplies, some of which were brought to Shanghai with the medical team, and some of which were sent to Shanghai through logistics channels, including 350,000 doses of anti-epidemic prescriptions, a large number of protective suits and N95 masks.At the same time, the Beijing and Jiangsu medical teams respectively left for Shanghai on the afternoon of the same day. The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission will help arrange special personnel to receive the hotel and carry out COVID-19 epidemic prevention support according to the specific arrangements of The Pudong District People’s Hospital.Earlier, the WHO published a report on the WHO Expert Assessment on TCM against COVID-19 on its official website, which pointed out that TCM can effectively treat COVID-19, fully affirming the contribution of TCM to the fight against COVID-19.Tu zhiliang said: “This has given people a comprehensive recognition of the prevention and treatment of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, and has also encouraged our medical teams with traditional Chinese medicine to better devote themselves to the front-line fight against the epidemic.”In addition, Goosheng Tang will use the advantages of omo online and offline integration to continue to provide video/graphic consultation services for patients through Internet diagnosis and treatment during the epidemic. Meanwhile, goosheng Tang will actively communicate with sf Logistics executives to ensure logistics and avoid drug withdrawal for patients with chronic diseases.Gusheng Tang will do its best to fight COVID-19, show the spirit of gusheng Tang people, and make due efforts and contributions to the people of Shanghai.