Miyun expressway toll collector warm Spring Festival home

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Sanchi booth is her stage, the flow of vehicles is her company, Miyun expressway toll collector Song Xiaorui work time is short, but every year in the Spring Festival stick to the front line, with a smile to greet the company passengers, to ensure the fast passage of the highway.During the Spring Festival, expressway toll stations are the most important security period of the year.Although the Spring Festival small vehicles in the high-speed free passage, but the highway toll collector still to the car to “identify”, to other vehicles issued cards, receive cards, pay, fresh agricultural vehicles inspection, photography and other work.According to Song Xiaorui, more than seven passenger cars, trucks or need to charge.Fresh agricultural products transport vehicles need to check, first of all to see whether goods are in the range of fresh catalogue, at the same time the full load rate should achieve more than 80%, no mixed just can pass free.During the Spring Festival, the traffic flow of the expressway will explode, and the policy of free passenger cars undoubtedly increases the workload of the staff of the expressway toll station. The mixed lanes of the toll station increase the personnel on duty, and it has become normal to solve the traffic problems of passing vehicles at any time.It is common for non-ETC vehicles to stray into ETC lane. Due to the fast speed of expressway, toll collectors are required to help stray vehicles to divert traffic.Song told reporters that sometimes two or three cars would stray into the ETC lane at the same time, and manual traffic was needed to clear the vehicles.The temperature difference between inside and outside is relatively large, the staff need to shuttle back and forth between several booths, although hard, but also feel very honored.Booth outside the night under the high-speed exit, no noise of the day.Sitting alone in the box three feet Song Xiaorui in the face of the dark night sky, with the north wind whistling through the window, looking at home to reunite the vehicle, she thought of in Tangshan parents.Work of the expressway toll collection is one of the basic work of highway operating, Song Xiaorui in Beijing tongda bearing highway co., LTD., is mainly responsible for Beijing on the highway (phase ii) operations management, management scope starting point in shunyi koryo camp stand to miyun area of miyun station, a total of eight toll station, the average daily traffic 95800, holiday peak of up to 160200 vehicles,235 highway personnel stick to their posts 24 hours a day in turn, responsible for traffic guidance, issuing toll cards, high-speed charging, green channel verification, entrance control, non-compliance vehicles to return and other work.The way home need to guard, guard people also have a home.Expressway toll collector is a position we often contact, but it is easy to be overlooked.A car passing the toll station, and the intersection of the toll collector just a few seconds, is a toll collector’s day, a year, or even five, ten years of silent adherence, they use their youth and blood to ensure the smooth and safe high-speed travel.By Zhang Xiaona. By Meng Chenran. By Zheng Yu