Online Resources of Lushan County Library Recommended series of Spring Festival (six) Eat in China, taste the Chinese New Year!

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2022 the year of the tiger happy New Year auspicious Taurus bowed out, tiggo or dingle spring New Year new atmosphere, all things often update a New Year wish you all the thoughts, the future seems jin fundus is beautiful, clear corners of the mouth smile, around ear are mound sheng fireworks that heart is still winter Milky Way long out future 2022 petitions are we willing to do the magnanimous may happen all good!The Spring Festival as the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation, its origin can be traced back to ancient times, a variety of New Year folk customs and stories spread through thousands of years of accumulation, during which condenses profound cultural connotation, and carries rich historical deposits in the inheritance and development.Now the nation is entering a new era.It is still indispensable to carry forward and inherit the tradition, in which we can glimpse the long history, the whole Chinese nation’s love for life and hope for a better future.On the occasion of the national Celebration of the Spring Festival, our library hereby launches the Online resource recommendation series of Lushan County Library for the Spring Festival, combining various kinds of knowledge and books with traditional culture as the core, leading readers to personally experience and share the fun brought by the traditional culture, and welcome the happy New Year in the elegant charm of books and laughter.The year 2022 is destined to be a remarkable year in the history of China’s space endeavors.China’s manned space program has been in operation for 30 years. With the support of the motherland and the Chinese people, thousands of astronauts will join hands to win the decisive battle of building a space station and realize the dream that generations of astronauts have strived for.”As long as you dare to dream, have the courage to pursue your dream, with wisdom and sweat to create your own dream, the spacecraft will be able to usher in the launch of your dream.The online resources of Lushan County Library for the Spring Festival recommend books related to the development of China’s aviation and space, bringing you to know the inspirational course of Chinese people walking in the lofty sky and soaring in the lofty blue sky.Space exploration will never end. The Chinese people will make steady and further strides in space exploration, and the stage for their endeavors will be bigger and bigger.Taste the Chinese New Year Food in the taste of a good dish an Gang editor jilin Science and Technology Press Happiness, and family together to eat food.The book carefully selected the hundreds of daily food, scented casseroles, stews, Fried, steamed vegetables, health next meal of cold dishes, each dish are beautifully finished a larger display, detailing each home cooking, the specific method for some special dishes and sweet hint, zero base you can easily bring out a table delicacies.”Only Food can Comfort” xiao Yu, Guo Jing, Xu Zhihua et al. “Only Food can comfort” contains 22 beautiful articles related to food, one by one tells the story of love in life.A vegetable a meal of love has a long history, years of deep staring through time.Those tastes are full of deep feeling, time flow between people moved to tears.A bowl of plain everyday rice, an ordinary but tomato scrambled eggs, all contain the philosophy of life.Leafing through this book, my mouth is full of sweet, and my heart is fluttering.”Taste of China: Greedy you no Discussion” by Liu Zihua, China Book Publishing House “Taste of China: Greedy You no discussion” an introduction to the Chinese food culture book.This book vividly presents Chinese food culture to readers by telling the anecdotes of famous chefs, the anecdotes of the origin and cause of famous dishes, as well as the legendary stories between famous celebrities and famous dishes and feasts in ancient and modern times.The story is readable and can help readers understand Chinese culture from one side.Home cooking is what we have been eating. It is the taste of home. Preparing a proper home cooking for our family is an expression of our love for our family.We follow the change of the four seasons, make appropriate dishes for the family, make the taste of home full of nutrition, protect the health of the family.The book is divided into four chapters based on the seasons of the year.Ingredients are seasonal ingredients, the practice is simple, reasonable nutrition collocation.Each dish is not only matched with exquisite pictures of finished products, but also with a number of color pictures to explain step-by-step, so that you can really grasp the key point, quickly master, cooking excellent flavor, shape, nutrition and health of the home food.According to the basic categories of diet, this book can be divided into three chapters: cold dishes, hot dishes and desserts.The degree of difficulty of dishes varies in each chapter, from simple and time-saving dishes suitable for beginners or office workers who don’t have much time to cook, to complicated dishes that can only be enjoyed in star-rated restaurants.The process of making each dish in this book is equipped with detailed step instructions, ingredient units and clear and accurate step diagrams. No matter how simple or complicated dishes are made, friends who are interested in cooking can perfectly reproduce this delicious dish at home.Golden Tiger New Year’s Eve public account more wonderful content waiting for you to find ~