Play for four and lose!Dawson dives willoch’s first goal of the season west ham 1-1 Newcastle united

2022-05-28 0 By

February 19th 20:30, Beijing time, the 26th round of the Premier League, West Ham united host Newcastle united.Dawson took advantage of a free kick to break the deadlock with a diving header. Rice scored his own goal and Willoch extended his leg to equalise, his first goal of the season.In the second half, both sides attacked and defended each other, but were unable to score.In the end, West ham united 1-1 Newcastle united, the Hammers lost four points again, it seems that this season contention four;Magpie legionnaires league 4 rounds unbeaten, relegation is more and more stable.West ham’s lack of attack, Dawson’s dive, rice’s own goal, Willoch’s first of the season and Newcastle’s precious point!This round of premier League first game, West ham united against three consecutive wins of Newcastle united, but the Magpie army suffered two major absence, successive free-kick achievement of Tripper and St. Mark siman absence.With West Ham at home and Newcastle without two of their first regulars and Dawson the first to break the deadlock, the Hammers went from bad to worse and willoch equalised with his first goal of the season late in the first half after Rice headed home an own goal.Newcastle held west Ham down in the second half as the Magpies took more of the attack and both sides ended 1-1 with a point each.West Ham dropped two points against relegation, making it a long shot;Newcastle have picked up a point and are unbeaten in four games of the premier League, which has improved their form and temperament and ensured relegation this season.West Ham had just 47 per cent possession and had 11 shots on goal, three fewer than Newcastle, with each side having three on target.West ham’s attacking ability is not good enough for a fourth place in the Premier League and Newcastle are now more than good enough to avoid relegation.