Rich family abuse love: she dejected, want to leave, he said: “Gu Chengxi, I can’t leave you!”

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She was dejected and wanted to leave, but he said, “Gu Chenxi, I can’t leave you!”I fell in love with him at first sight on the first day of college. After graduating from college, I accepted all his conditions in order to marry him successfully.Because of me, he lost someone he loved, and he hates me ever since.When we got married, he said to me, “If you want to marry me, you must cut off your most proud wings. I will let you live at the bottom of society.”I felt very calm: “I do, so the wedding can continue?”This big uncle is looking for trouble again, although I am also very hungry, but now there is not enough food in the refrigerator, only a few tomatoes, and some spare ribs.So I didn’t think twice about it. “There’s not enough ingredients,” I said. “The fridge is almost empty.””Isn’t there more?””Where?See the finger of ji Yan to freezer, faint say: “tomato heel spareribs.”There is no way, who called him the biggest, I can only put the remaining tomato fried three eggs and then out of the pot, ribs to it braised.I always think my craftsmanship is quite good, almost catching up with professional chefs, and after being trained by Ji Yan for so long, I have already practiced this skill, but he still criticizes me all day long.Perhaps he was really hungry or something, ji Yan unexpectedly did not pick on me as usual, and even ate two bowls of rice, I had to wonder if he had not eaten all day.”What have you been doing this afternoon?Didn’t eat?”I asked.”Well, to teach a lesson.””Why?”I guess I’m just too verbose.Ji Yan stopped eating and raised his head slowly. Suddenly he said, “Do you need a reason to teach someone a lesson?I don’t like it.”See, this is Ji Yan, inhuman, cold-blooded, someone picked on him?He doesn’t like other people?You don’t have to look at it, you don’t have to tell it off.Even though China has a large population, even though the right to discipline and speak is highly respected, we have to learn to respect everyone and protect everyone’s personality.Cao Bei used to call me a virgin because of such things.”Love is like stars enter bosom” novel introduction: her belief to love is persistent, it is infatuation does not regret, met calculate to be hurt all over the body to also want to hold to after all, can never have thought however, love is so hurt so painful so originally, she almost runs out blood effort, ok, he turns head finally…….Exciting content: Xiao Can yu is familiar with the organization and rules of the company according to the contents in the manual, but the humanized management is not very strict.Because Xiao Can yu came in through the back door, no one tried to deal with her or communicate with her, and she was no better than an intern among the swaggering designers.Xiao Can yu didn’t mind. After all, it had been her lifelong dream to enter this place.Now she really stepped in, the only thing she has to do, is to use the time to prove their strength.For this, Xiao Can yu is full of enthusiasm and expectation.Just her blood and expectation, in the next continuous digression work died.Photocopying, running errands and bringing coffee are no different from normal office girls. At the end of the day, she is not even asked to do the basic typesetting and coloring.By the time Xiao Can yu got home from work, her legs were mostly gone after a day of running.”Oh!Yu, aren’t you going to work?How I got myself into this.Come, come, sit down. Auntie will get you some water.”Aunt Mu saw a limp of her, quickly put her hand on the sofa after sitting, full of nagging went to pour water.When Xiao Canyu took off her heels, a chunk of skin had been cracked on her ankle, causing a dull ache.No matter how expensive and beautiful the high-heeled shoes are, they still hurt.Also like Wen Jiuya…The inexplicable thought of this metaphor made Xiao Canyu laugh bitterly.”Come, drink the water first, aunt take a band-aid for you.”Introduction to the novel: She is dejected and wants to leave, but he says, “Gu Chengxi, I can’t leave you!”She was given away by her husband to his uncle on their wedding night.The princess became Cinderella, and there were signs that he was responsible for his father’s death.She was disheartened and ready to walk away.He declared: “This is my love, is the woman I want to protect the rest of my life.”When she thought they’d finally be together, he told himself he was going to marry another woman.Gu Chengxi looked to the edge, just two people’s noise attracted a lot of people’s onlookers, Gu Chengxi found that a lot of people to their point.”So she is the daughter of the corrupt official.””The daughter of a corrupt official is so arrogant, it seems that his father is not less corrupt.””It’s really up at the top and down at the bottom….Gu’s face turned white, and the undisguised finger-pointing made her feel as if she were standing naked in the crowd.”My father is not corrupt. Believe me, my father is not a embezzler.”Gu chengxi shed tears and tried to explain.But no one listened to her, and all she saw was a face full of disgust, malice, and accusation, and her head was now full of what these people were saying.Turns out words really can kill people.”Do you think nobody knows about you because you got into Mordoin’s bed and had him erase your scandal?”Ye Huayun looks at Gu Chengxi very ironically.”Remember, you are the daughter of a corrupt official and Mo Du Yun is mine.I have a plenty of ways to whole you “ye Huayun malicious smile, sharp eyes, very disdain looking at Gu Chengxi.See her smile, Gu Chengxi’s heart is suddenly understand what.”You did it, you wronged me on the Internet!”Gu Chengxi loudly said, she angrily stared at Ye Huayun, has been close to crazy.”I did it, so what, what can you do with me, I’m telling the truth.”The above is the novel to share with you today, if you like it, you can click the bookmark to watch it for free, there are wonderful content waiting for you later, we will see you next time.