Be in local pay social security, after retiring go nonlocal, how to avoid social security pay to be affected

2022-05-29 0 By

If you pay social security contributions in your home country and decide to live abroad after retirement, how will this affect you?First of all, this situation will have some effect on you, mainly in terms of health insurance, but not in terms of pension insurance, because the pension is paid to your pay card, and you can freely withdraw the money from this pay card in any city or region in the country, but there is a certain fee.So this will have some impact on your health insurance.The first step is to fill out health insurance records in your area and select a health care facility in the designated city.You first need to fill out health insurance records in your area and select a health care provider in your designated city to join the Medicare reimbursement system.Designated medical institutions can attend insurance reimbursement treatment commonly, this is no problem, but the personal balance sheet account of individual medical insurance card cannot be used in other cities, the account of individual medical insurance card can only be returned to the region to use in the balance sheet, so that your personal health care account will have some effects and problems.As a result, we choose to live in a different place because the medicare pension benefits are actually more troublesome.However, this is not important. In the final analysis, the treatment of local medical insurance reimbursement is not a problem. In this way, the reimbursement of hospitalization will not have an impact in the area where I live, but there may be some problems in buying medicine.In that case, you can only mail your card back to your original place of residence, or if you can buy drugs locally with an electronic Social Security card, you can buy drugs through a friend or relative and mail them to yourself.So it’s still quite complicated for you.We all know that you can buy your medicine normally at any pharmacy in your area, but since you live abroad, you can’t buy your medicine normally, and you still have to use your own mailed medicine, which may have a time limit.This is an inconvenient feature of living in a foreign country.If you live in the provincial capital, you will not be restricted to use the card, but if you do not live in the provincial capital, you will have to use the card as I said above, but there is no problem with cross-regional payment and treatment!