Dasushan National Forest Park Management District, Guangshan County: “Four catches” to create a better living environment

2022-05-29 0 By

The elephant journalists Wu Yanfei correspondent Jin Zhengyi Cheng Hang Ming-liang lee since living environment renovation work, the guangshan county big Su Shan national forest park, by the district and the mobilization, the rural residential environment renovation of contrast “have thoroughly, clear clean orderly, whole had beautiful, too” standards, do a good job in “all”,We made solid progress in improving the living environment in all regions.Arouse the masses to grasp and rectify.We will uphold the principle that the masses play a leading role, organize public pledges such as “I am a Party member and I set an example” and “I take the lead on behalf of myself”, improve village rules and regulations, and continue to carry out actions to improve local customs and conduct civility.Make full use of new media platforms such as wechat group and public account, and village cadres’ visits to households, publicity boards, LED screens and outdoor wall advertisements to carry out special publicity and create a strong governance atmosphere.Focus on key areas.To improve the market town as the incision, do a good job of the market town “hardening, greening, lighting and beautification” project, the implementation of grid management, carry out the market town centralized renovation of the big action, the whole town new image;Three main roads of county and township, Yanggao Road, Zhayan Road and Nanhuan Road, have been improved in high standard by taking the rural four good highways as the starting point.The key is to demolish and renovate the “hollow houses” in rural areas, and change the idle land into vegetable gardens, orchards and gardens.With the support of promoting and building demonstration villages for the improvement of living environment, the model and model of rural living environment improvement will be built with high quality to radiate and drive surrounding villages.Compaction responsibility to grasp remediation.Compacted and compacted the members of the bao Village group to take the lead in the general responsibility, the village branch secretary “the first responsible person” responsibility, the village two committees of the cadres package group joint household responsibility, the villagers’ group leader to take the lead in the demonstration responsibility, the farmers “five packages” responsibility;Monthly on-site observation and promotion meetings, on-site evaluation, field comparison, the formation of “a thousand pounds of heavy burden, everyone shoulder responsibility” work chain system.Pay attention to long-term consolidation.The improvement of rural living environment is difficult to adhere to, forming a normal.At the same time, efforts should be made to strengthen the establishment and improvement of long-term mechanism.Improve the team management system.Strengthen the supervision and care of the cleaning team to ensure the normalization and standardization of rural cleaning work;Improve the routine sanitation management of rural households.By formulating village rules and regulations and signing the “five bags in front of the door”, the most beautiful village, the most beautiful group and the most beautiful garden will be evaluated every month to standardize and consolidate the improvement effect.We will improve mechanisms for supervision, assessment, rewards and punishment.Ranking every week, comparing every month, and assessing every half a year are adopted to combine explicit and covert investigations, supervision and handling, and routine and special inspections, and to hold accountable those who do not carry out the work well, make slow progress and have poor rectification effects, so as to ensure that the work efforts are not reduced.The improvement of rural living environment is only in progress, but not finished.The cadres and workers in the district effectively improve their political positions, strengthen their responsibilities, grasp the key points of work, make solid and steady progress, do a good job in the improvement of the living environment, and draw a beautiful picture of “the sky is blue, the land is green, the water is clear, the village is beautiful, the courtyard is clean and the family is clean”.