Is life expectancy predetermined at birth?Scientist: No, the genetic code could be broken

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Human genes, mostly inherited from parents, but in the process of recombination, there will be mutations, which will affect the human life span.Everyone is afraid of death, hope can realize eternal life, at all costs, do all kinds of experiments, break through the human genetic code.Is life expectancy predetermined at birth?Scientist: No, the genetic code could be broken.Would it really be a good thing if the average human life span reached 1,000 years?According to the definition of human genes, it is also a step by step breakthrough when we are born, we can inherit many things from our parents, including height, skin color, hair, even some people are not so smart in school, also blame their parents’ bad genes.From a scientific point of view, not all genes are inherited, the future life, can also affect a person’s genes.Life is inseparable from cells, which contain chromosomes, the human body, a total of 23 pairs of chromosomes, do not look down on this thing, in addition to can distinguish gender, but also can carry genetic information.Chromosomes are made up of different pieces of DNA, and when viewed under a microscope, they look like a double helix structure, with two lines crossing each other and a segment connecting them in the middle. The two lines, or complementary base pairs, are arranged.Genes are an ancient topic. As early as 10,000 years ago, the genetic code was discovered.At that time, the ancient humans living in Yunnan found that there were wolves around the cave, so they tried to catch them and keep them in a fixed area to provide food and drink. Wolves lived like this for generations and became dependent on people.Finally, the wolves loyal to humans were picked out and kept around. Due to genetic changes, the role of wolves gradually became dogs.In order to make a better living and increase food sources, plants were genetically modified to convert teosinte into corn and stifle into wheat, and the resulting seeds were saved and sown in the fields the next year, producing more food.With the breakthrough of the genetic code, the average life expectancy of human beings will reach 1000 years old, which will lead to more severe housing problems. The average life expectancy of human beings will reach 1000 years old, but we also need to face the problem of reproduction. With the extension of life expectancy, various organs in the body will not age so fast.In this case, with an increasing number of new births and a widening age structure, well beyond the number of deaths, there will be several generations living in the same family.Even before the average life expectancy reaches 100, the population is under pressure, especially in housing.Nowadays, the housing problem is a big mountain on the shoulders of families. Looking at such high housing prices, they cannot afford it at all. Therefore, it becomes an extravagant hope to have a house of their own.Even if some people buy a house, they still have to pay off the mortgage, and they face great pressure in life. According to statistics, there are about 400 million mortgage slaves in China struggling for a house.If the life span of a person is 1000 years old, there will be at least 30 people in a family. Apart from the children and the elderly, the young people can go to work to earn money and solve the problem of food and drink, but the problem of housing is not so easy to solve.30 people at least 10 rooms, this scale, also equivalent to a hotel, without considerable economic strength, it is almost impossible to buy a house.If you build your own house, it may be less expensive, the population is growing geometrically, and there is a shortage of land. It may not be as easy as you think.With the aging of the population, employment is also under pressure, and there is a phenomenon of the elderly and young people competing for jobs.Nowadays, people’s living conditions are better and their life expectancy is longer than before. In order to improve the quality of life in their old age, some old people still stick to their jobs after retirement.The official retirement age in Korea is 60 for men and 50 to 55 for women. If the average age of a person reaches 1,000, the standard of retirement age will have to be redefined.A life span of 1,000 years means a longer time to grow up and learn. It is impossible to become an adult at 18. Taking the current average age of 77 as an example, it will take 234 years to become an adult and retire at 781, a total of 547 years of working life.Generally speaking, at the age of retirement, the body enters the fatigue phase, has no energy, can only step down from the job, and then let the young people, this is also a normal cycle.If the working life reaches more than 500 years, the new job post cannot be released, causing the job to be difficult to find, and more and more people face employment pressure.In the past, there might only be 10 people competing for a job opportunity. When a person’s life span reaches 1,000 years old, there may be 100 people competing for a job opportunity. Too many people cannot find jobs and have no financial resources.Genetic code have been breakthroughs, human average life expectancy of 1000 years old, will consume a large amount of resources, the earth overwhelmed humans so we can live on the earth, that is because has a wealth of natural resources, with the increase of population, the energy consumption is growing, there are a lot of non-renewable energy, will face the dry situation.By 2020, the total population of the world will be about 7.2 billion, and the average life span of human beings will reach 1,000 years. The number of people will also increase rapidly, possibly to 70 billion. Such a dense population will require a lot of resources, and the burden of food, clothing, shelter and transportation will be huge, and the earth will also be overwhelmed.In addition to consuming resources and obtaining food, human beings will also produce carbon dioxide and pollution, leading to climate warming and greenhouse effect, melting glaciers, frequent natural disasters, the earth is overwhelmed, even the most basic survival is a problem.No one knows what the future will be like because of the unpredictable changes in the human genetic code. However, even if the human genetic code is broken and the average human life span reaches 1,000 years, it will not be a good thing.At that time, there was not enough energy on the earth, and it was difficult to even feed and clothe the people, causing more social problems.