Low cost and high efficiency, Fengxian “after 85” guy independent improvement scan code “set”, for nucleic acid sampling acceleration

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“Drip, drip, drip…”Also scan the QR code to measure nucleic acid, why is the speed so fast here?Recently in fengxian district a community, I saw residents in a group of ten people file in, will be prepared in advance of the health cloud reservation code in the code pier a sweep, then the laptop computer shows the detected information and serial number.In case the reservation code is used, the computer information will recognize it immediately.”We here scan code pretty fast, like buying things outside the same, beep on the sweep out.”Nucleic acid queues in many communities are often stuck in scanning two-dimensional codes. Now, through a “small improvement”, the efficiency has been greatly improved, and the complaints of ordinary people have been reduced.Small improvement to solve the problem of scanning code, this idea from fengxian District Guhua hospital information section member Meng Xingliang.In early March, the “reverse cold” of COVID-19 brought severe tests to Shanghai, and Guhua Hospital undertook a large number of emergency operations.Meng Xingliang, a young man born after 1985, also joined the first-line sampling team from logistics and became a code scanning staff.Meng Xingliang (left) had only been on the sampling line for a few days when he discovered a new problem.In the process of sampling, he was responsible for scanning codes with PDA device in hand. Due to environmental light, anti-peeping screen of mobile phone and other reasons, when scanning codes, there were many situations such as unable to scan codes, PDA stuck, etc. The queue was getting longer and longer, and citizens’ anxious feelings about nucleic acid also evolved into doubts and complaints.In fact, Meng xingliang’s problems are common.How to solve this problem?He, who was always the “technical responsibility” in the eyes of his colleagues, pondered it over and over in his head.Meng Xingliang’s inspiration comes from the cashier’s sweep code pier, the same sweep code, but the speed of the sweep code pier to read information is much faster than PDA, and is not affected by the weather, light, mobile phone protection screen and other factors.But then brought a problem, scan code pier does not have the printing function how to break?Plus a mini bar code printer!Thus, the three-in-one set composed of “notebook computer, scan code pier and printer” had a preliminary outline in Meng Xingliang’s mind.”Does this combination work or not?How much more efficient is it?”Without actual operation, Meng Xingliang heart is not bottom.Say dry dry, in the e-commerce platform under the single, seize the time to combine pairing.On the workbench, a laptop, a scanning code pier, a miniature thermal barcode printer, the improved scanning code combination officially “online” acceptance.There are 10 people in a group. The first person holds the bottle. When there are 10 people, the bar code machine automatically prints out the paper.This makes the staff and citizens praise: “This equipment is good, much faster than before, and convenient.”The improved scan code “set” greatly improves the work efficiency.Meng Xingliang’s new technology was soon promoted in the region. He went to Jinhui, four groups and other places for on-site guidance on several nights.In order to make this combination suitable for more outdoor places, Meng Xingliang upgraded and added outdoor power storage batteries, wireless wifi and other equipment to optimize the technical efficiency.This equipment has been widely used in jinhui, Zhelin, Situan and other towns and villages, greatly improving the efficiency of nucleic acid sampling.Meng Xingliang introduced that this self-developed scanning code “suit” solved several pain points: first of all, the efficiency is doubled, the original a PDA can cooperate with 2-3 stations of sampling, with this combination, waiting field can cooperate with 6-9 stations of sampling if fully prepared;The second is to reduce the risk of infection. The code scanning equipment is placed on the desk, and the staff only need to observe the screen instead of face to face with the tested person, which reduces the workload of the code scanning staff and greatly reduces the risk of cross infection.In addition, it can alleviate the problem of PDA shortage, especially in the situation of multiple epidemic spots, the problem of PDA shortage often occurs in multiple large-scale collection sites.At present, Meng Xingliang’s guhua hospital is equipped with 7 new scanning code “sets” in addition to PDA, which can meet the different needs of corridor and large-scale sampling, and greatly solve the problem of centralized sampling in a variety of cases.In the future, these combined equipment will not waste, scan code pier can be directly used for outpatient cashier, scan social security card;Thermal-sensitive printer can be used to print drug labels, laboratory blood code, etc.For days, Meng xingliang and his colleagues struggled at the sampling line.They are also constantly optimizing the process, dividing the queue into sampling areas, scanning areas and waiting areas to minimize the waiting time of citizens.Now, as soon as the citizens scan the combined set of ma Dun, they know, “Guhua Hospital has come!”Editor: Gu Yong Editor: Qin Dongying Author: Qin Dongying He Qin