Chuzhou only!Quanjiao Winter Olympics Cultural Square opened!Let’s clock in

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games taiping Cultural Square in Quanjiao County was successfully completed on January 25,Was officially opened on the morning of quanjiao citizens can feel the games at home culture thick breath at 9 am Beijing 2022 Olympics and winter paralympics quanjiao peace culture square opening ceremony held in taiping culture square, deputy head of bring Shao Changling address at the opening ceremony, bring about the combination of chuzhou bureau deputy director Yuan Tianfeng announced Beijing 2022 Olympics and winter paralympics quanjiao taipingAs the only one of the winter Olympic Culture Square in Chuzhou, Quanjiao Taiping Cultural Square will be built in November 2021. Let’s take a look at its highlights. 1: The overall design of the square is symmetrical, with ice and snow blue as the main color.Highlight 2: In the middle of the square, there is a large screen stage activity area and an audience area. On both sides of the square, there are six functional areas, including the Winter Olympics special exhibition area, the traditional folk culture exhibition area, the Winter Olympics Licensed products exhibition and sales area, and the ice and snow sports experience area.Highlight 3: The square has the emblem and mascots of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong”, as well as ice hockey and other ice sports facilities, providing a place for the masses to display their passion for ice and snow.It is reported that during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, the electronic screen of the Winter Olympic Culture square will promote the knowledge of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games to the general public, and broadcast the wonderful events of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.The functional exhibition area of the Winter Olympic Culture Square is also open to the public for free, displaying the Winter Olympic themed cultural and sports activities and traditional festival culture.The opening of the winter Olympic Cultural square will provide a good place for the surrounding masses and add a bright color to the construction of Quanjiao.Let’s go hang out sometime!Statement: Copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.