FREEDOTS C1 Wind conduction headset experience, fun dark technology: Goodbye, in-ear headphones

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In the past, the “three pieces” consisted of a wallet, keys and a mobile phone. Now, the “three pieces” are no longer needed. All you need is a mobile phone and headphones.In fact, if you walk on the street, you will find that whether office workers, students or middle-aged and elderly people exercising, almost all wear headphones.With the progress of science and technology, Bluetooth wireless earphones have replaced wired earphones and become the mainstream choice of consumers. However, there are still many small categories of Bluetooth earphones, such as in-ear type, bone conduction type, hanging ear type and so on.Recently, an interesting piece of dark tech bluetooth headset caught my attention. It’s a wind conduction headset from a new brand, FREEDOTS, called Music Doudou in Chinese.Although a new brand, the FREEDOTS C1 was a surprise to me, and the biggest feeling after experiencing it was – goodbye, in-ear headphones!Here we come to experience the fun of downwind conduction black technology.The appearance and accessories of C1 are more or less attracted by the appearance level of C1. Although it is also a headset that can be bought for a few hundred yuan, music Doudou has a good control of texture.The outer box is drawer type design, the outer box is printed with real machine display map and related performance, the inner box is minimalist black design, simple and classy.In addition to the headphones, accessories include a charging bin, a Type-C cable, an instruction manual, a warranty card and a quick guide.The design of the charging bin is round, similar to a miniature soap box, cute and advanced.The outer layer of the charging bin is not designed with bright surface. It has a frosted texture, which is not easy to be contaminated with fingerprints. Individuals will have a better impression on products with frosted texture.Open the charging bin and you’ll find a pair of earphones that look just like normal earphones, but there’s something else going on inside.The FREEDOTS C1 has a rotating shaft design, which means that the Angle of the headset can be adjusted according to the user’s personal needs. The pendant can rotate 120°. Isn’t that interesting?It is worth mentioning that although Music Doudou is a new brand, its sincerity can be seen from the accessories. All parts of the earphones are affixed with dust patches and marked with “L” and “R”. The manual is also thick, which is obviously more careful than some earphones of other brands.The FREEDOTS C1 headset is made of TPU soft material, and the weight of each headset is only about 11g. After adjusting the Angle, the ear will feel almost no sensation, which will not cause the pressure and discomfort of in-ear headphones. It is comfortable and relaxed.The author once fell asleep after wearing earphones at night, but forgot about the existence of earphones when he woke up in the morning. It was not until he looked for the earphones when he went out that he found the earphones still hanging on his ears, which proves how comfortable this earphone is and does not hurt to wear it for a long time.Compared to traditional in-ear headphones, the FREEDOTS C1 offers clean, comfortable and safe features.It is believed that few people have the habit of regularly cleaning the earphone, and in-ear earphones because of long-time blockage of the ear canal, so easy to breed bacteria, dirty, careless will cause ear discomfort and other problems.But the C1 requires no in-ear, open audio, which ensures cleanliness while keeping an eye on your surroundings.Although the sound quality of noise-cancelling headphones is indeed good, I think they are not suitable for daily use, only for airplanes, high-speed trains and subways.2. Open audio: What is open audio for work and entertainment?To put it simply, when wearing C1 and listening to music, it can also detect ambient sound, providing users with stereo surround sound that can detect surrounding sound.No matter in work, study or sports, they can not only enjoy music in an immersive way, but also pay attention to the changes of the nearby environment, without affecting the normal communication with others. They can keep both work and entertainment.3, strong wireless bluetooth headset fear most is to wear loose problem, believe that a lot of friends all had anything missing a headset, but FREEDOTS C1 is completely don’t have to worry about wearing a loose problem, it adopts the rotor wear, ergonomic design Angle, can be adjusted according to your own wearing habits to the solid state,The author once tried to play badminton with C1, which is also a sport with a relatively large range of motion. The actual measurement shows that the headset is very firm to wear and will not fall off due to running, jumping and other actions.Overall experience, the author thinks that the experience of FREEDOTS C1 is pretty good, and sound effect is very good, safety is improved, the headset is especially recommended for office workers and students party, some young people easily immersed in the music, and in the in-ear headphones when you cross the street there are some potential risks,So this wind conduction headset is a good choice, 499 yuan price, what do you think?