Good news!Boulevard Line 2 overpass trial today

2022-05-30 0 By

Shiyan radio and Television news (all media reporter Zhou Xianlin) after more than 3 months of construction, On March 30, the second line of the boulevard overpass into the trial stage.Avenue 2 line overpass is located in the ocean five continents small section of the road, the reporter saw at the scene, the bridge guardrail glass has been installed, the construction staff are cleaning the bridge deck health, there are citizens are passing from the bridge.It is understood that the overpass is located in the Ocean five Continents section of the community.The project will officially start construction on December 10, 2021 with a total investment of more than 3.6 million yuan.The main body is steel structure, the bridge is 54.5 meters long, the main span is 30 meters long, the bridge is 5 meters wide, the sidewalk is 4.5 meters wide, and the grounding stairway is 3 meters wide.Workers are currently repairing the walkway and landscaping under the bridge, which will be completed soon.The construction of the overpass, greatly convenient for the ocean and Five continents community and surrounding residents to travel, but also for residents to travel to provide security.