“New Life Story” Zhao Heyue: With the dream of flight attendant, walked into Xinhua, Shanxi Province

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Youth is like fire, burning with passion and vitality;Youth is like a flower, blooming with wisdom and hope.But in the eyes of many people, youth is like a lost deer, wandering at the crossroads of life, only to choose a right road, let yourself become more and more excellent, in order to live up to youth, live up to their own.The hero of our story today, before coming to Shanxi Xinhua computer school, and most of the dozens of six or seven years old girls, have lost and helpless, how she is to find the goal, but also how to work hard toward their hearts, today let us listen to zhao Heyue’s dream story.”I have always been interested in the major of flight attendant. My first understanding of this professional is that he is a knowledgeable and skilled aviation service professional with good temperament, beautiful body, excellent talent and strict discipline.I know, become a qualified cabin is difficult, need layers of selection, the shape, appearance, temperament, professional skills, as well as the psychological quality, demand is very high, but it makes me more want to learn this major, in the mind also has a flight attendant dream “zhao lotus month told small make up cheerfully, she why want to choose professional of flight.In the face of many open professional flight attendant vocational and technical schools, Zhao Heyue and his family is very confused, from the north to the south, parents in addition to work is to find her school.Whenever she had time, her parents would take her on field trips, because she knew the choice had to be a careful one for her child’s future development.For more than two months, they almost went to all the technical schools in Taiyuan, until they arrived in Xinhua, Shanxi Province.With the development of Internet technology and the popularization of intelligent life such as artificial intelligence, flight attendants are required to have professional and intelligent dual literacy requirements, knowledge and skills.Shanxi Xinhua, as a professional Internet vocational college, in order to promote the development of Internet technology, combined with the current market development trend, after nearly two years of preparation and research, combined with its own advanced experience in Internet education for many years, has set up the smart transportation and public service major.After coming to the school, Zhao Heyue was deeply attracted by xinhua’s strong learning atmosphere and advanced training equipment, new integration of science and reality classrooms, advanced flight attendant training base…Some students asked her, come here regret?Zhao Heyue firmly said, “No!”.Now Zhao He month every day can carry out professional practical training under the guidance of professional teachers, although for her now some hard, but, zhao He month said:”No matter what I do, I always believe in the bitter before the sweet. I know many people think that a teenager’s dream can’t be taken seriously, but I will show everyone with my actions that I will realize my original dream.”Hi ~ new students at this moment now you, also living without goals, muddle through the day?It is better to replan your life and concentrate on learning a skill to give yourself a positive future than to live in confusion.If you are still looking for a good school, Shanxi Xinhua computer school is worth your visit to the school!