Plan B!Bayern exposed not to do “duds”, focus on training 16-year-old nova, worth only 750,000 euros

2022-05-30 0 By

Bayern are believed to be sincere in their pursuit of the 18-year-old bayer leverkusen midfielder, who is valued at 70 million euros, and have reportedly approached virts’ family.But who would have thought, like Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool, Greater Paris and other teams are also eyeing “this piece of fat meat”, in this premise, it is estimated that Virts’ family also began to ask for excessive prices, so, according to the European media “SporT1” prediction, Bayern Munich has been out of contention.Because, Bayern don’t want to do “sucker” in this matter.Inside Bayern, it is said, there is already a Plan B.Their squad planners have targeted the player they are currently developing in their system, namely the 16-year-old midfielder Paul Wanna, who has recently made three consecutive Bundesliga appearances for Bayern.Wanner was born on December 23, 2005, in Germany, his father was German, mother is the austrians, his contract is until the end of this year’s June 30, he is one of the young players, training bayern youth before June 30, Paul wanda after the contract expires, it is said that his family and a discussion on contract problem between bayern Munich really well,There’s a good chance you’ll get a big contract if nothing goes wrong.Paul Wanna, a midfielder two years younger than Wirts, was not as impressive as Wirts but made his second consecutive appearance for Bayern, both of which bayern were fortunate to win.Notably, he played only 13 minutes in 3 games, completing 9 passes and 1 key pass, completing 89 percent of his passes and drawing a foul.At present, The price of Paul Wannna is only 750,000 euros, but as the number of appearances of Paul Wannna increases, this value will be significantly increased, preliminary estimates will be more than 35 million euros.Two years from now, it’s possible Paul Wanner, also 18, will be worth more than Virts is today.Fans also speak highly of Paul Wanner.There are fans say: 16 years old to maintain a weekly playing time of 15 minutes or so, over time, will become great.Another fan said: ‘This kid has long hands and legs, a low running hand and a Hufferts quality in closing down.Overall, his talent and potential to play for Bayern Munich and make his debut at the age of 16, the youngest player in the Bundesliga, is extraordinary.Of course, while most people currently think Paul Wannna’s signing with Bayern Munich is a done deal, June 30 is still a long way off and anything can happen.After all, he is also being watched by at least one team in the Premier League and the Bundesliga, and it is doubtful whether He will be able to stay true to his original intentions when it comes to the big money.