Sales performance at the same level is general, the publicity is not in place or other reasons, real shot Tiger 7

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For those who often pay attention to Chery cars, The Tiger 7 model must be familiar to everyone, it is the first SUV of the second generation of Chery family remodeled product series.Since its establishment in 2016, Ruitiger 7 has won the favor of many netizens with many advantages. Seeing that young consumers are paying more and more attention to details and process cost performance, Chery has brought Ruitiger 7 evolutionary models to cater to everyone’s taste.Let’s take a look at the chery Tiger 7 2020 1.6T Dual Clutch Pro.The Tiger 7 has a guide price of 79,900 to 149,800 yuan.First look at the front face, Ruihu 7 2020 1.6T double clutch Pro shape full, rich lines, give a good visual effect.The car is equipped with adaptive chrome grille, close light and other features.In addition, it is equipped with automatic close light.From the side, the body size of this car is 4500/1842/1746mm, the wheelbase is 2670mm, the tire brand is Horse brand, and the standard size of front and rear tires is 225/55 R19, which looks quite aesthetic.In the latter part, its shape is more solid, smooth lines make it more recognizable visually, and its intuitive feeling is acceptable.The style of the through-through taillight is more fashionable, and it has a strong identification after it is lit at night.Exhaust gas adopts a double double design, enhances the whole level, but also improves a bit of exquisite.Enter the car, the interior of the 2020 1.6T double clutch Pro with black as the main color looks more energetic, the support of silver decorative parts, the central console panel uses the piano paint processing, and the multi-color atmosphere lamp improves the grade atmosphere of the car to a certain extent. In terms of equipment,The car features full-speed adaptive cruise, tire pressure display, active braking/active safety system, lane keeping assistance, 360-degree panoramic imaging and more.Equipped with 10.25 inch suspension touch LCD screen.The flat-bottomed, three-spoke steering wheel is made of leather, with a flat bottom that looks like a sports car and feels good in the hand.The layout of multi-function keys is more convenient and the functions are more abundant.The instrument panel is equipped with a 7-inch LCD screen, which can display the basic information of driving parameters. The overall display effect is very excellent.The rear row of the car is equipped with air outlets and so on, the space performance of the rear row is more general.Although there is a bulge in the center of the rear floor, fortunately it is not large and there is also a central headrest, so the ride experience of middle passengers is still good.In terms of power, the 2020 1.6T Dual clutch Pro is equipped with a 1.6t four-cylinder turbocharged SQRF4J16 engine, with a maximum power of 197 HP and a peak torque of 290 N · m. It is matched with a 7DCT transmission and has a combined fuel consumption of 6.9L/100km.Comments: Tiger 7 rich interior design is a bonus point, the overall design style is also very good.Moreover, as an excellent product of Chery brand, most people can accept and afford such price. If there is demand, we can consider it.